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Improved resource planning

Use past time tracking knowledge to estimate how long new projects will take and how many team members you'll need on it. Assign people accordingly.

Better task planning

You'll know how much time each story on the board takes and how much time is spent on unplanned activites. That leads to better time budgeting.

No learning curve

Time tracking can't be time consuming. That's why Toggl has 1-click time tracking in every platform imaginable with an auto-sync feature.

Combine agile development efficiency with meaningful business intelligence

Toggl works on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Track time effortlessly anywhere.

Start the timer in your other tools for quickest access, stop it on your mobile when you head out of the office. Use the desktop app for best offline support.

Toggl screenshot showing Projects and Tasks on a dropdown

Flexible setup to suit your needs.

Tailor Toggl to mirror your business - set projects up just like on your Kanban board. Or add multiple levels of hierarchy to your time logging and team access.

Toggl time tracker bar graph and pie chart showing timesheets data

Run comprehensive reports.

Understand where time goes to make more realistic plans in the future. Real-time reporting and analytics available within your Toggl account. Export options for further customization.

Scheduled timesheet reports to email

[Starter] Compare estimates and actuals

Estimate how long a project will take you. Set up alerts for it and start the work. Follow the progress on the project dashboard or set up email alerts. Use this data next time you plan a project.

Automated time tracking reminders to email

[Premium/Enterprise] Get alerts and reports to email

Set up weekly reports to arrive on your email. Configure email alerts for when projects are reaching 50%, 75% or 100% of their estimated capacity. This way you'll always be on track.

Toggl time tracker employee time dashboard

View real-time team dashboard.

Keep an eye on how things are progressing to catch on early when additional members are needed. Notice when someone gets stuck to get over the bumps most efficiently.

Connect time tracking into your agile workflow

From Toggl Button Chrome extension to native integrations and public API -
everything you need to incorporate time tracking fully into your company processes.

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Public API and open-source code

Check our public GitHub repositories for how you can customize Toggl to meet your business needs.

Data security details

Read how your data is kept safe in Toggl.

Full plan comparison

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Setting up team account

Customize time tracking to your company workflow.

Start timer from any website

Highlight any text and start a timer straight from there.

Reports, graphs and charts

See what you can do with your timesheet data in Toggl.