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Where do skills assessments fit in the recruitment process?


Focus on quality candidates only

Adding a skills test to your screening process acts like a magic quality filter. Poor-fit candidates are automatically (yet gently) rejected, giving you more time to focus on high-performers.

Find the perfect skills match

There’s no perfect candidate, but there’s a perfect skills match. See candidates' technical and interpersonal skills in action, evaluate their cultural fit and  hire with confidence.
hiring funnel with skills assessments

Skills assessments are like a driver’s license for the knowledge workers

Instead of asking candidates to talk about their past performance, get them to demonstrate their job-specific skills. Narrow down your candidate list to the most qualified A-players. Prevent poor hires.

100+ templates

Launch faster with templates

Use ready-made test templates to launch skills tests in 2 clicks. Hone in on technical skills with role-specific questions and assessments.

toggl hire skills test library

Assess technical & cultural fit

Stack hard and soft skills questions into one test to get a well-calibrated assessment of your candidates.

assessing technical and cultural fit with skills tests

Set a quality standard

Put candidate screening on autopilot with a pass score – automatically reject low-scoring candidates and focus on top talent only.

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Custom test builder

Pick from 15,000+ qualifying questions

Can’t find what you need? Create a custom test combining expert-created dynamic questions with your own skills challenges.

pulling questions from the smart test library

The talent assessment platform that has it all

types of skills for testingDISCOVER MORE ABOUT OUR TESTS
anti-cheating measures on toggl hire

Trust the results you get with cheat-proof tests

Our skills assessment system combines anti-cheating measures with dynamic testing. No test taker gets the same questions, and if they try something fishy, we flag the results for you.

evaluating question performance

Rely on subject matter experts for great questions

Our test questions are crafted by subject matter experts, peer-reviewed and benchmarked against performance data. We help you confidently assess any skill, even if it’s outside of your expertise.

collaborative hiring with team notes

Shorten your time-to-hire by fast-tracking top talent

Cut out the busywork – automate candidate screening and focus on the most qualified candidates. Quickly spot star performers and move them along the hiring process.

Start with a template,
make your own rules

JavaScript Developer


Frontend Developer


Digital Marketer


Customer Support


Sales Representative


React Developer


Graphic Designer


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JavaScript Developer


Frontend Developer


Digital Marketer


Customer Support


Sales Representative


React Developer


Graphic Designer


Create a
custom test

Get started
Alexis Komarov Proxify

Each month we're receiving around 3,000 applications. After rolling out the Technical skills tests by Toggl Hire, we've been able to increase predictive confidence for inviting the candidate to a pre-screen call from 65% to 93%.

Alexis Komarov, Head of Talent Acquisition

Automated screening

Put candidate screening on autopilot with skills tests. Do away with tedious, manual work to save time and money. And never look back.


Faster time-to-hire

Spend more time talking to great candidates, not screening CVs. Instantly spot star performers and zip them through your hiring process.


Stress or poor hires

Leave nothing to guesswork. Make confident hiring decisions by matching candidates’ competencies to your role requirements.

Defy timezones with asynchronous video messages

Video Intros are built for efficient, asynchronous hiring needs. Run multiple intro interviews at once, while giving candidates the time, space and re-records to show their best self.

Interview multiple candidates at once

Run discovery interviews in your sleep – record an intro to invite candidates, select questions and watch the answers pour in. Review and assess videos at your convenience.

asynchronous video intros setup on toggl hire

Screen for soft skills and cultural fit

Video is the next-best thing after a face-to-face interview to assess candidates’ soft skills, such as communication, presentation and critical thinking. Screen for those must-have skills at scale, find your best-fit candidates.

reviewing video answers on toggl hire

Smart video interview questions

Struggling to come up with meaningful interview questions? Don’t bother. With Video Intros, you can select from a pool of pre-suggested questions that cover both soft skills and situational scenarios.

pool of video interview questions

Candidate-first experience

Pre-recorded Video Intros give candidates more control over the discovery call, resulting in a better, more relaxed interview. They can choose a convenient time, review questions and have a few retakes before submitting their answers.

inviting candidates to a video intro test

Your candidates will love the gamified application experience

I found it quite innovative and interesting. Would definitely work on my SQL, Git and Communication skills and try again another time.

Attract more candidates with skills challenges

Fill your application process with joy and curiosity, not the cover letter dread. Entice candidates to apply via fun skills challenges and expand your talent pool.

Give instant feedback, earn candidates’ love

82% of candidates say they love the skills-testing approach and the instant feedback they receive. Fuel your employer brand, be known for the best candidate experience.

Take a data-driven approach to diversify your teams

Stamp out unconscious bias. Give every candidate a fair chance at showcasing their skills, regardless of their background, gender, or ethnicity.

Who loooves Toggl Hire?

Companies hiring remote talent

High-growth teams scaling rapildy

Companies recruiting graduates & interns

And everyone else who wants to hire the best person for the job.
Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the test thinking all they have to lose is a few minutes of their time.
Andrin Product Lead
Product Lead
We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can’t keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
HR Manager
It’s nice to compare candidates’ performance in the Toggl Hire skills test with their performance during the interview process. It helps to make better and more confident hiring decisions.
Fatima Recruiter
Toggl Hire’s quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market at a very competitive and attractive price point. We highly recommend the solution to tech recruiters.
Alexis Proxify
Head of Talent Acquisition
Flatworld’s business is to find great remote talent for companies. We’ve been using Toggl Hire for 2+ years. It’s easy and helps us perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate Experience.
Gilad Flatworld
Co-founder & CEO
I knew that if I look at resumes, I will unintentionally start judging candidates by certain characteristics. Toggl Hire helped us assess candidates as objectively as possible.
Emil Listonic
International Head of Sales

Set up your skills test in 3 simple steps

toggl hire job specific skills templates

Select your open job role from Templates

Pick roles from development, sales, marketing, customer support, and design.

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We create your skills test in seconds

Tests automatically feature only the most relevant skills for the job. Customization optional.

skills test sharing options on toggl hire

Share your test with the world

Post a link to your skills test on job boards, social media, or your careers page.

Our Notes on Hiring Remotely

Companies all around the world are looking to hire remote employees instead of settling for someone who lives close to their office. If you’re looking to hire remotely, this guide is for you.

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