We believe knowing where we’re going is more relevant than knowing where we are. We're guided by a strong “why”, a clear “how”, and a unique set of values. And we know it’ll take us into a spectacular future.

Our Vision

We believe that work should be stress-free, rewarding, and empowering—and that it can be. We’re here to guard our users against dehumanization, surveillance, and invasive monitoring. And to help everyone spend their time on the work that matters.

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Our Mission

We elevate productivity for solo users, small teams, agencies, and enterprises alike.

Toggl Track makes time tracking surprisingly easy and easily rewarding. Our users won’t spend their time inputting time, because our powerful tools will do this work for them. We aim to amaze our customers with insights so valuable we’ll feel like intelligent partners—more than just a collection of features.

We’re not here to conform to trends. We’re here to set them, and if needed, break them. Toggl Track is the time tracker your team wants to use. It’s here to help build the future of work that we all deserve.

Our Values

These seven values influence the way we act, both as individuals and as a team, and what we strive for. They also influence the way we work — where we value Results and Accountability First at Toggl (RAFT). Learn more about how we RAFT.

Trust is pivotal not only to our culture but also for our product.
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