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Working at Toggl

Our amazing team works from 40+ countries around the globe. We hire globally, you work locally - in the middle of New York City, a beach outside of São Paulo, or a quiet village near Florence, the choice is yours.

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2 positions
Software Development
PostgreSQL DBA
As part of either the Backend or SRE team, you will take ownership of the design, development and maintenance of our data logic as well as PostgreSQL databases and deployments. The salary for this position is €53,000 annually. You can work from anywhere in the world.
Backend Software Architect
You will be a part of our backend team working on keeping the Toggl Track service up and running and making sure that our users get the right data at the right time. The salary for this position is €60,000 annually. You can work from anywhere in the world.

How We Work

Toggl is proudly a fully remote company. We believe that with a global team comes a whole world of creativity.

Open communication

Communication is to remote work what oxygen is to life. We are open and collaborative. At our weekly all-hands video calls, we share project updates and learn new skills from each other on topics ranging from online marketing to making sauerkraut.

Strong teamwork

We are one hell of a team. We work for common goals and always have each others' backs. Every few months, we travel to meet up and spend quality time together. This keeps our ties strong and helps us see the human faces behind the Slack avatars.

Constant improvement

We go the extra mile for our teammates, just as we do for our customers. We encourage each other to step outside our comfort zones and recognize that mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow. We expect team members to move between departments and roles as skill sets and business needs evolve over time.

Kindness & building relationships

Working in a distributed team can sometimes feel lonely, but not at Toggl. The digital nomads travel the world together. The foodies share recipes for cooking. The sporty Togglers support each other in being active and reaching personal milestones. Our PC and console gamers co-exist peacefully.

Never stop learning

Life doesn't stand still and neither do we. We read inspiring books together and attend conferences in order to grow and improve. We encourage everyone on the team to learn and try new things through regular "wild experiment weeks".

Our Recruitment Process

Join our remote team in four simple steps

Skills Test Image

1. Skills test

A short online quiz to evaluate your skills and knowledge fit for the position

Toggl Benefits

Toggl Benefits

We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse
  • Freedom to choose when and where you work
  • 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays
  • Between 2 and 8 in-person meetups per year for team-building (expenses covered)
  • Laptop and a €2,000 budget to set up your home office
  • Reimbursement for co-working space membership or internet service at home
  • Opportunities to attend trainings, workshops, and conferences
  • Monthly reimbursement for gym membership, massage, and other wellness services
  • Support for buying a phone, eyeglasses or tools you need for doing your best work

What is the Toggl hiring process like?

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What if I don’t see a suitable open role, but would still like to work for Toggl?

Do you have internship positions?

What is it like to work at Toggl?

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