QA Architect

Software Development team

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We’re looking for a QA expert willing to lead efforts to enable improved speed and quality of delivery of the Toggl Track teams. We’re looking for someone to identify problem areas and implement innovative processes, tools and methods in a way that scales well with the growth of our company for years to come.

About the team

We are a global team of 100+ awesome people working from over 40 countries around the globe. We hire globally, you work locally — in the heart of London, a beach outside of Rio de Janeiro, or a quiet village near Florence, the choice is yours. Every few months we travel to meet up somewhere in the world and spend some quality time together. We place a huge amount of trust in our people, and we measure the outcomes rather than the work itself. Our values fuel our results.

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The role

We are not looking to build a QA team of testers that manually test software, but rather focus on automation and processes for existing teams to improve their workflows. As such, this role will primarily focus on the planning, strategising and mentoring aspects.

Gross annual compensation for the role is €73,000 and we are committed to increasing salaries every year based on company and individual performance. In addition to that, we also have awesome benefits, which you can check out below.

You can work from anywhere in the world. However, since our team meetings typically happen between 11:00 and 15:00 UTC, you need to be willing and available to attend these meetings when they happen.

About the Role

The responsibilities of this role:

  • Proactively work with engineering teams, leaders and product managers to identify risks and other quality problems and discover ways of addressing them;
  • Work with engineering leaders to develop a quality strategy
  • Establish strong QA processes across multiple engineering teams;
  • Overseeing the implementation and integration of automated test solutions in the development process.
  • Establish and monitor metrics to measure effectiveness of QA;
  • Ensuring sustainable stability of a continuously evolving product;
  • Mentor developers to improve their QA practices and to build product quality awareness;
  • Help in finding and enabling an effective combination of quality and speed of development;
  • Establish work processes to ensure proper product quality without a significant decrease in the lead time

Here are some of the technologies we work with:

  • Go, PostgreSQL, Javascript/TypeScript and React, Android (Kotlin), iOS/macOS (Swift), Windows (C#) and some remains of Ruby
  • Google Cloud, Google Pub/Sub, Nginx, Github, Github Actions, Bitrise, Grafana

About you

We’re looking for you if you have:

  • A proactive stance and show ownership;
  • Excellent problem solving skills;
  • Forward-thinking and the ability to strategise about future scaling of the product and it’s platform;
  • Eye for details;
  • Relevant experience leading, managing or developing QA efforts;
  • Understanding of different QA strategies and when to employ them, based on teams’ specific situations and company goals;
  • Experience in building reliable automated tests solutions for mobile, desktop, and web applications;
  • The ability to communicate QA concepts effectively;
  • The ability to coach and support other developers to adopt these QA concepts;
  • Organisational and planning skills to coordinate work with stakeholders and across multiple teams;
  • Understanding of web technologies, server-client architectures and modern CI/CD pipelines with fast delivery cycles;

You’ll score some extra points with us if you have experience with:

  • Working in a SaaS-based company;
  • Toggl products;
  • QA for multi-tiered backend systems, mobile, desktop and web applications.


  • Freedom to choose when and how much you work—we only measure results
  • 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays
  • In-person meetups for team-building (expenses covered)
  • 4-6 weeks paid sabbatical (depending on tenure)
  • Laptop budget up to 2,500€ and it renews every 3 years
  • €2,000 budget to set up your home office and an additional €300 every year after 3 years of tenure
  • €3000 per year for co-working space membership and/or internet service at home
  • €4,000 per year contribution to use for training, workshops, and conferences
  • €2,000 per year contribution for any equipment or services to improve and/or maintain your physical and mental health
  • Support for buying tools you need for doing your best work (even eyeglasses if you need a new pair)