Engineering Manager

Software Development team

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We are looking for an experienced engineering leader with strong leadership principles who lives our company culture, can work with and help shape our company goals and understands how to lead and motivate their teams to achieve our product vision. The starting salary for this position is €80,000 annually. You can work from anywhere in the world.

About the team

We are a global team of 100+ awesome people working from over 40 countries around the globe. We hire globally, you work locally — in the heart of London, a beach outside of Rio de Janeiro, or a quiet village near Florence, the choice is yours. Every few months we travel to meet up somewhere in the world and spend some quality time together. We place a huge amount of trust in our people, and we measure the outcomes rather than the work itself. Our values fuel our results.

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The role

Your teams will have great technical team leads, designers, and other specialists working with engineers on a daily basis to prioritise and make decisions based on data and user research, while they design and implement improvements to our product in fast and focussed sprints. They will rely on you to communicate the bigger picture and facilitate cooperation between teams and with stakeholders in other departments.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • using your technical insights and understanding of your teams' work to help improve company strategy and roadmaps to achieve company goals and use this big picture vision to motivate your teams.
  • being responsible for the well-being and productivity of your teams, especially the team leads and engineers. You will develop their professional skills through great feedback and regular 1:1 sessions. actively help shape our engineering culture and empower your teams to develop and improve their processes to maximise technical quality and sustained speed of delivery.
  • proactively reporting on the progress and needs of your teams and team members back to the Head of Engineering so you can together put your teams in the best possible position to succeed.

Toggl Track is growing as a company and as a product and we have many innovative and exciting things to work on in the coming years. This position is an opportunity to lead and make a significant impact on the future of our product and culture.

About you

We would love to hear from you if you are ready to hone their skills and apply them to new challenges.

  • You have a strong engineering background and significant leadership experience. You have seen many projects from conception to delivery. You are passionate about leadership and want to lead several talented cross-functional teams and make them excel.
  • You care strongly about engineering culture, principles and practices and you work to maintain and improve them. You are always looking for ways to improve how your teams work and you share what you learn with others.
  • You want to take ownership and make a difference in a successful, bootstrapped, product-led company, iterating constantly and enabling your teams to deliver top-quality work.
  • You are proactive and speak up when you see something wrong. You never assume that "it's someone else's problem". You focus on achieving company goals together.
  • You are a great team player and communicator when working with anyone from engineers to specialists like product managers and designers when working with other teams, and with your manager and other stakeholders. You are responsive to feedback and always seek to learn and improve.
  • You like transparency, openness, and asking questions. Your English communication, both written and verbal, is great and you prefer to over- rather than under-communicate.
  • You take the well-being and growth of your teams seriously and want to help each team-member succeed in their role. You give genuine, candid and productive feedback that helps the receiver learn and improve, even in difficult situations.

The main technologies your teams will be working with are:

  • Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Go, REST, JSON
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Webpack, Babel


  • Freedom to choose when and how much you work—we only measure results
  • 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays
  • In-person meetups for team-building (expenses covered)
  • 4-6 weeks paid sabbatical (depending on tenure)
  • Laptop budget up to 2,500€ and it renews every 3 years
  • €2,000 budget to set up your home office and an additional €300 every year after 3 years of tenure
  • €3000 per year for co-working space membership and/or internet service at home
  • €4,000 per year contribution to use for training, workshops, and conferences
  • €2,000 per year contribution for any equipment or services to improve and/or maintain your physical and mental health
  • Support for buying tools you need for doing your best work (even eyeglasses if you need a new pair)