API Documentation Is Changing Soon

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Our API documentation is changing. You may have noticed that recently, Toggl went through a rebranding overhaul. Over the past several months, we have worked to unify three companies under one Toggl umbrella. We’ve also worked to make our front-end and back-end technology run faster and better. 

Under the rebrand, we released new domains for our API( and web app. We want to let you, our community, know about this upcoming change. 

But what does this mean for me? 

Third-party integrations will still work, the same as they did before. However, we want to stop the public traffic on the Toggl domain at the top level. We will deprecate that activity, and integrations will begin to use the new domain. As this transition occurs, we will be here to answer your queries. 

When will this change occur?

Please expect to migrate your knowledgebase and API documentation by the end of January, 2021. Find the public API docs here, which are already updated with the new domains. 

I have a question that hasn’t been answered by this blog post. Where should I turn? 

You can feel free to contact us at

November 11, 2020