What’s new in Toggl Track • Q1 2022

In case you missed it, here’s what’s we released for Toggl Track last quarter. The theme: little enhancements with a big impact. Here’s to better focus and better organization! Better focus for individuals and teams Pomodoro mode for iOS users iOS finally got its Pomodoro mode (joining its Pomodoro brethren the Chrome and Firefox browser


Announcing the new Toggl Track API, v9!

The Toggl Track API got better. Say goodbye to v8 and switch to the current v9 to take full advantage of all the new benefits.

Trends & News

Toggl Hire: Q1, 2022

Welcome back! Did you miss our quarterly updates? We did! The first few months of 2022 were busy here at Toggl Hire. We focused on knowing our customers better and helping them ace the productivity game. Thus, we’ve officially launched Video Intros, and welcomed candidate details, editing candidate information, bulk actions, and new additions to


Toggl Stands With the People of Ukraine

Like most of you, the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has hit all of us very hard. The sights of millions suffering and escaping the senseless violence shakes us to the core. But for our team, this war hits closer to home than just watching it on TV. Being a remote-first company, we

Project Planning

How To Create A Project Timeline In 8 Actionable Steps

Creating a project timeline can be overwhelming for new managers. Follow these 8 actionable steps to create a perfect timeline for your project.


Our Browser Extension Now Supports Infinite Integrations

We’re extending our extension so you can add extensions to the extension Are you a fan of our browser extension, A.K.A. the Toggl Track button? As part of a series of changes to our open source code, we’re splitting the integrations from the heavier code of the browser extension. These integrations will remain open source,

Work / Life

Why Toggl Chose ROWE Over 40 Hour Workweeks

At Toggl, we’ve been living and touting the benefits of working from anywhere since 2014. Not just that, but we’ve also made a big bet on the future of remote work by creating tools that enable distributed teams to be more productive and successful. Working remotely has worked out well for us, too. Hundreds of


Purposeful Open Source at Toggl Track

Toggl Track has long had a number of open source repositories available on GitHub. These range from our public API documentation and various smaller libraries to the full code of our desktop client apps. Unfortunately, due to lack of focus over many years, most of these repositories now range from obscure to unmaintained in their

Working at Toggl

Company Values: An Overrated Buzzword? Or a Must-have for Every Company?

I have to admit, the title of this post ties company values to two complete extremes. But I wanted to get your attention and see if we could find some common ground on this topic, whether you’re Team Values Are Overrated or Team Values Are a Must. I had to ask myself the same question


Behind the scenes with the Toggl Track Android team: How we made our groovy Pomodoro waves

Have you tried the latest Android app release from Toggl Track? Toggl Track for Android 4.0.0 includes a Pomodoro mode. Users can track their pomodoros or use the Pomodoro Technique while tracking time. If you’ve tried our Pomodoro mode, have you tried it in full-screen mode? If you’re curious about the soothing waves that accompany


Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, November 27, 2021

On Saturday, November 27, Toggl Track will perform scheduled maintenance beginning at 7 a.m. UTC while we upgrade our storage. During this time, users will be unable to access the web application or their Toggl Track account information. Existing installations of Track’s mobile and desktop apps will continue to work in offline mode. Your data


Komposable Architecture: Compose more than just the UI!

Maybe you’ve heard this story before: A company dreams about a promised land where code is written once and runs everywhere. In this fantasy, there are no compromises. Your team is half the size it is now, and you’re spending half the time you’d actually have to spend for a working, maintainable, state-of-the-art app. Unfortunately,