I Spent a Year Trying to Get Rejected. Here’s What I Learned.

The idea of rejection once stung to the point where it almost derailed me from pursuing this career. Then I decided to spend a year with the goal of reaching 100 rejections.


Get 2 Months Free With Toggl Plan’s Annual Subscription

The 2 months free campaign takes place between September 14, 2020 and September 27, 2020.


An Update on Our New Color Scheme

We received some user feedback that our new palette was making our product less accessible. We want to reassure everyone who reached out that we take this feedback seriously.


The Toggl Manifesto

Toggl’s mission is to help teams work better from anywhere. We believe that all workplaces can and should be flexible, efficient, and stress-free.


If Programming Languages Were Games [Comic]

The only difference between programming and games is that games have win conditions. But if programming languages were games, JavaScript would clearly be Counter-Strike.


Introducing Toggl Track

We’re changing our name from Toggl to Toggl Track as part of a broader rebrand. We’ll be getting a new look along with our new name, but our beloved time tracker will remain the same.


Toggl Track’s New Calendar Feature

If you’ve ever wanted an easier, more familiar way to see your time entries in Toggl, we’ve got some great news for you! We’re excited to introduce Toggl’s newest feature: Calendar View–a new way to visualize your time.


14 Ways to be More Productive at Work, at Home, and in Life

The point of being productive and completing your tasks more efficiently is to free up time for doing the things you love. Here is how to be more productive not just at work but also at home and in life.


Employed But Overworked: Working in a Pandemic

How much could I really fight for a higher wage–one that, in all honesty, was just a few dollars more per hour, as my supervisor had said herself previously–when I was lucky enough to be in this position? I may have been overworked, but at least I had work.


The Best Online Time Management Games of 2020

Out of all the ways to improve your time management skills, who would have thought a game could be one of them? We know–it sounds strange. Usually, we’d call that procrastination.


Why Your Productivity Increases When You Work Fewer Hours

There’s no sugarcoating it: You have a lot to get done. There are emails to respond to, meetings to attend, projects to complete and deadlines to meet.

Product Updates

With Hindsight: Toggl Plan’s Quarter 2, 2020

All the latest Toggl Plan product updates in one place – find out about the latest improvements and ongoing projects from Q2, 2020.