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11 Common Body Language Mistakes (And How to Bust Them)

The way you say something is just as important as the way you phrase it, so you need to be extra careful in making sure that your body language doesn’t contradict what you’re saying.


6 Tips (And 6 Templates) for the Post-Meeting Follow Up E-mail

Meetings are great and networking events are fun, but don’t forget the next step: a perfect follow up e-mail that’ll help you stand out from all those other people in the crowd.


7 Handy Steps to Building Brand Loyalty in 2018

It’s 2018, and brand loyalty is bigger than ever.


15 Fun Office Organization Ideas To Boost Productivity

It’s nearly impossible to focus at a messy desk or in a chaotic workplace–decluttering with some of these fun office organization ideas can help get those creative juices pouring out of your brains.


How Lateral Thinking Just Might Save Your Business

If you’ve ever been to a party, gone to college, or spent at least 2 seconds of your life on the Internet, then you’ve probably heard of the theory that some people are “left-brainers”, whereas others are “right-brainers”. That’s cool and all, but have you ever heard of vertical, critical and lateral thinkers?

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How To: Reinvent Yourself and Escape The Muck of Career Stagnation

People who suffer from midlife crises are usually pitied and subtly shamed–is it even possible to reinvent yourself without screwing up your entire life?

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Why Burnout Is Dangerous And How You Can Recover From It

People all over the world enter the workforce with a glimmer in their eyes and a hope that the actions they take can positively impact those around them — but for so many people, the reality they face is one of despair, depression, and burnout.


The Best CRMS for Lazy Geniuses and Clever Business Owners

Trying to figure out which CRM software is the best is a challenge that plagues most business owners: after all, it’s usually an investment of both time and money.


11 Ways to Get Paid to Travel and Live In That Beach Bungalow

Whenever people hear the phrase “get paid to travel”, they dismiss the idea as a pipe dream. Paid to sightsee? Pft, how impossible.


9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Small Business Coach

When you’re ready to scale, the insight of a small business coach can help take your company to the next level–but how do you find a good one?


5 Quick ‘n Easy Steps to Fighting Commoditization

You may have heard of commoditization — but do you know the risks it poses to your business?


The Most Complete Guide to 6-Part Customer Empathy Maps, Ever

In the working world, diagrams are some of our best friends–tools like customer empathy maps, process diagrams, and fault trees organize our thinking and perfect our business strategies.


7 Customer Testimonial Examples You Could (But Shouldn’t) Copy Right Now

If you’re in the business of selling things, adding customer testimonials to your website is something you’ve probably considered.


What Is the Sunk Cost Fallacy? And How to Avoid It in 5 Steps

The sunk-cost fallacy is a trap most people fall into. It’s hard to abandon a project once you’ve invested so much of your time and money into the cause.


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Bad*ss Brand Book (With Examples)

Back in the good old days, when the Internet was still new and everyone had eye-blinding Geocities blogs, brand books weren’t really that important. 


Becoming a Tribal Leader in Just *GASP* 5 Actionable Steps

Tribal leadership sounds like a weird, meaningless buzzword, but we swear it isn’t. I mean, you’ve probably heard it before–during a tedious business lecture, maybe, or mentioned by your boss. But it has meaning! (YES). WE’RE NOT LYING!


HOW TO: Use Fault Tree Analysis To Predict Business Failures

The world of business isn’t as forgiving as the world of Mario–to ensure that your run through the world of Koopa Troopas goes smoothly, you should try a li’l something called fault tree analysis.


4 Ways to Avoid Cultural Bias in Marketing

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you might be familiar with the concept of cultural bias–if you’re not, you should be!

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Avoiding Hindsight Bias At The Workplace in 6 Steps

The hindsight bias is just another one of the (seemingly endless) flaws in our wiring–unfortunately, our thought processes aren’t as perfect as those of, say, Terminators or Replicants. It’s just one of the perks of being human.


Understanding Upwork Fees in 2018 – An Ultimate Guide

If Upwork fees have you feeling frustrated and confused, this simple guide will (hopefully) shine a light through the darkness.

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Avoid Overconfidence Bias at the Workplace with these 7 Actionable Tips

Overconfidence bias is something that can strike at any time, even to the best of us.