Why the Brain Sucks at Time Management [comic]

A snippet of the How Human Brain Perceives Work Time Comic

Our brains aren’t super great when it comes to tracking time. Depending on what we’re doing, time can seem as passing slower or quicker.

Perception of time is subjective. Consequently, we’re not great at estimating how long a certain work task or activity lasted, or how much time something might take.

We’ve summed it up with a pretty short infographic:

How humans perceive time


Want to test the theory? Try this:

1. Write down everything you think you do on a normal workday, both at work and at home. Guess how much time these things take.

2. Use Toggl to track everything you do for a whole dayCompare the results to how you thought you spend your days.

The end-result looks a lot like the picture above, doesn’t it?


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February 23, 2015