Actionable steps to increase your profits from existing clients with Rory Spence
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Actionable steps to increase your profits from existing clients with Rory Spence

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Join Rory Spence and Emilija Antanaviciute as they discuss how there is another way to strengthen that revenue stream when landing new business gets tricky. This actionable tips-packed hour focuses on increasing your profits from existing clients.

What you’ll learn 💡

From theory to a case study and a take-home practical plan on how to get started today, tune in to learn:

  • Where to start?
  • Should you upsell or increase rates?
  • How to involve your team?

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About the speaker 🎙️

Rory Spence spends his day-to-day working on BenchPress — the largest annual UK benchmarking survey of independent agencies, which has already gathered insights from over 1,500 agencies. Rory helps agency owners make more profit, streamline their financial processes, and take more time to work on the agency rather than in it. He’s your go-to guy for the latest agency insights, stories, and best practices.

The Wow Company knows what it takes to make money in a business — they have worked with hundreds of small businesses to add technology and automation to ensure a slick and scalable finance function.

Stay connected with Rory: Linkedin & The Wow Company.

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