Introducing Favorites, a Shortcut to Your Top Time Entries
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Introducing Favorites, a Shortcut to Your Top Time Entries

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You: Organized, on top of your work, enthusiastic time blocker and time tracker.

Except when you’re having one of those unusually hectic days. You’re context switching like nobody’s business and you have so much on your plate that even time tracking feels challenging.

That’s why we created our latest feature, Favorites.

What are Favorites?

Screenshot of Toggl Track feature Favorites

Favorites are a shortcut to your most frequent time entries, here to take you that much closer to effortless time tracking.

When you add a time entry as a favorite, it will sit at the top of your Timer page, ready to go. To start tracking time, click the Favorite.

Toggl Track has always had one-click time tracking, but with Favorites, a single click just does more.

Clicking the “Play” button will start a new time entry. Great!

Clicking a favorite will start tracking time on the chosen time entry with all the fields filled in—project and task information, billable settings and tags included. Even better.

Favorites is currently available as a feature on our web app and Android app for users on the Starter plan. It will soon be added to our other platforms as well, so upgrade today to start adding favorites.

For the nitty gritty on how to manage your favorites, check out our Knowledge Base guide.

What can Favorites do for me?

• Provide easy access to time entries

You can choose to set daily, repeating tasks as favorites for easy access.

Or maybe you’ll favorite a time entry with a description that’s annoying to type — like “vacuum hallway” or difficult to remember—like “version 3.5.A for client 11.”

We described Favorites as a shortcut, but we also have extra shortcuts for these shortcuts—keyboard shortcuts for every favorited time entry. All you have to do is press the number on your keyboard that corresponds to the tiny number you see next to the favorited time entry, and your timer will start running.

• Keep Reports and time tracking records organized

Or even imagine this. One of your biggest clients calls. Omega Corp. They have questions about your Weekly Report. They want to know why you haven’t put in any hours on the Q3 campaign.

But the hours are there. It’s just that they’ve been tracked under 10 different unintentional pseudonyms: Campaign discussion, Q3 campaign, Q3 campaign docs, prep for Q3 mega campaign…you get the idea.

By picking one of the above, adding it as a favorite, and sticking to it, you can keep your time entries consistent and your timer page tidy—with the same activities neatly grouped together. Your reports will thank you. And your clients won’t have to call you.

• Help with focus

Maybe you have a difficult task that you keep putting off, like reading 42 job applications. You look back at your week and see that 90% of your timeline is admin work, with a measly 31 minutes spent on “Read job applications.”

It doesn’t matter if you actually don’t want to “Read job applications.” You can still make it a Favorite. It will greet you every time you open your Timer page, a reminder of what you should be focusing on.

• And so much more

The bottom line is that there’s no one right way to use Favorites. It’s meant to be flexible and fit seamlessly into your workday, no matter how busy it gets—just like Toggl Track.

Autocomplete can also help you save time and effort, but with favorites you have total control. You’re limited to 10, but otherwise you can set and delete as you please.

Frictionless time tracking, but with total control

Toggl Track has always been committed to frictionless time tracking, where the tracking part doesn’t take over the time part. At the same time, we know that when things get busy, the tiniest things can cause friction. And friction is literally how fires start.

But no matter how chaotic your day gets, Favorites can help you track your time and stay on track with minimal effort.

Have questions or feedback? Please go to our support website and message us using the Live Chat bubble in the bottom-right corner.

Toggl Track Marketing Team
Toggl Track Marketing Team

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