How Do Fictional Characters Really Spend Their Time?
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How Do Fictional Characters Really Spend Their Time?

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You may already know how you spend your time thanks to Toggl Track, but ever wanted to know how your favorite fictional character spends theirs? We went ahead and took some educated guesses:

How fictional characters really spend their time

This comic was created by the Toggl Team – the people behind the world’s no. 1 time tracking app. We’re pretty passionate about time tracking and think everyone should do it (fictional or not).

Tracking your time can give a good idea of how well you’re actually working, since spending time at a desk does not equal productivity (in fact, less time at your desk could actually help keep you be more productive).

Keeping track of your time can even save you money, so why not give it a shot!

I’m Already Tracking My Time and Want A Break – Got Any More?

I’m glad you asked! If you liked this, you might enjoy some of the other pieces we’ve done in the past – like explaining tech jobs with a simple lightbulb. Or another epic piece about how to save the princess using different programming languages.

You may also enjoy The Unicorn Startup Simulator – a highly realistic, deeply immoral game about life in the gritty startup scene of Silicon Valley.

We’ll also keep doing these comics, so keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter if you want to catch them early.

If you have any ideas for the next one, or if you think our Fictional Characters are missing something, drop a line where it says “Comments”.

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