Productivity Memes – 60 Hand-Picked Memes to Make Your Monday Suck Less

If you need some inspiration to make your Monday morning a little less horrible, these productivity memes will do the trick. Ranging from humorous takes on office life to work jokes, these memes will help take the sting out of another day at the office. With a better perspective, you can tackle the week ahead and be more productive than ever before. 

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Productivity Memes

Work Productivity

1. When it comes down to it, be honest with yourself: This is exactly what your work ethic looks like 10 minutes before work ends on a Friday night. 

Unnamed 39

2. No list of productivity jokes or memes would be complete without at least one cat meme. Thankfully, your work productivity isn’t based around your cat’s plans for you. 


3. What if I told you I didn’t want to work anymore on any day? This would be an excellent meme for Wednesday when you are still stuck muddling through the middle of another week. 

Unnamed 1

4. There are a number of ways you can increase your productivity and efficiency at the office. One of the easiest tips is to just make to-do lists you have already finished. 

Unnamed 2

5. Obviously, Spider-man likes to see the glass as half full. 

Unnamed 3

6. When cats can use computers, it really does bring up a lot of uncomfortable questions about our value as workers. It also brings up some concerns about what would happen if cats take things a step further and decide to take over the world. 

Unnamed 4

7. This meme sounds like an unfortunate forecast for the rest of the day. If you aren’t careful, it could become a self-fulfilling weeklong prophecy. 

Unnamed 5

8. Be honest. You know exactly what this experience feels like in real life. 

Unnamed 6

9. It’s incredibly frustrating when your boss tells you to do the work of multiple people, but you still get paid for just doing your own job. 

Unnamed 7

10. In case you were wondering, this is exactly what is going on as you read through this article and check out the productivity memes. 

Unnamed 8

11. f you ever telecommute from home, you already know this meme isn’t a joke. It is a very, very real challenge in home offices. 

Unnamed 9

12. On the bright side, this person really did a top-notch job on the first word of their work assignment. 

Unnamed 10

13. As far as workplace gags go, having a gigantic bear to place anywhere seems like a good start. 

Unnamed 11

14. According to the unwritten rule of the internet, memes are always better with cats in them.  

Unnamed 12

15. This might be the reason why some bosses are hesitant to let workers telecommute. If you are a freelancer, you can definitely sympathize with this. Even if you are excellent at being productive, friends and family rarely understand the fact they can’t just show up whenever they want to. 

Work Memes 

Unnamed 13

16. The only thing worse than this is when your boss says it on a Friday afternoon. 

Oh Nice Only 700 More Memes To Look At Until 54953928

17. Productivity memes might be a killer for your actual productivity, but they really help to speed your day up. 

Unnamed 15

18. If you scam your way into early retirement, you won’t need work memes anymore. (Disclaimer: We don’t promote self-harm as a means to get out of work.)

Unnamed 16

19. They say 20% of people do 80% of the work. Now, you just have to figure out how to join the 80% of people who only do 20% of the work. 

Unnamed 17

20. The productivity memes revolve around common situations we have all experienced at some point.

Unnamed 18

21. Sometimes, having a four-day weekend simply isn’t worth it. Having a little taste of freedom only reminds you of how much you really, really want to enjoy an early retirement. 

Screen Shot 2019 10 09 At 2.48.11 PM

22. The only thing worse is when they ask questions someone has already asked.

Unnamed 20

23. Thankfully, your co-workers will never find out about what you really think. 

leaving work on friday meme

24. Unfortunately, you have a few more work memes to check out before Friday afternoon arrives. Until then, all you can do is wait patiently and try to be a bit more productive. 

Unnamed 22

25. Whoever decided to set the office temperature clearly didn’t ask anyone else for feedback.

Unnamed 23

26. The only thing better than imagining what to do tomorrow afternoon is figuring out how to spend your paycheck. 

Unnamed 24

27. When you think about it, reading productivity jokes and memes is definitely better than doing busywork. 

Unnamed 25

28. All you want to know is what you did wrong for karma to be so cruel to you. 

Unnamed 26

29. There are few ways to describe just how wonderful it feels to leave on Friday after an exceptionally long week. After a lot of searching, we found a meme to capture how amazing it feels to go home. 

Unnamed 27

30. Even if your job is fairly straightforward, it is easy to forget just how many details you have to keep track of to do it well. 

Management Memes

Unnamed 28

31. Millennial managers and employees can definitely sympathize with management memes like this one. It is amazing anyone faxes documents at all since you can sign, create, and send almost any document online. 

Unnamed 29

32. If you are a good manager, you are still at the office after all of your employees leave. But make sure you still get your “me” time as well.

Unnamed 30

33. Unfortunately, almost no one in a modern workplace is actually irreplaceable. 

Unnamed 31

34. Everyone has an awkward moment in an interview where they stumble for something to say. 

Unnamed 32

35. This is one of the management memes from the employee’s perspective. It also works for middle managers who are tired of upper-level management trying to dictate projects they are completely unfamiliar with.

Unnamed 33

36. While a raise is generally better, at least a new title is some kind of recognition of your hard work. 

Unnamed 34

37. At some workplaces, you definitely get the feeling senior managers don’t actually want any feedback or input about new policies. They just want to make employees feel like their voices are valued. 

Unnamed 35

38. Every manager and every employee experiences this feeling at some point. As long as no one figured out how the problem originally started, it won’t be an issue. 

Unnamed 36

39. This is definitely a common perception about upper-level management. Unfortunately, it is also sometimes the truth. 

Unnamed 37

40. If you can find employees with these capabilities, you are the luckiest manager alive. 

Unnamed 38

41. Sometimes, it is a much better choice to just go with the flow and avoid asking management anything, especially questions like this one. 

Unnamed 39

42. It seems like everything always needs to be done better and faster. But we understand the level of urgency when it comes to food…particularly cheeseburgers.

Unnamed 40

43. Most people can sympathize with this meme due to the high level of micromanaging that goes on. It’s too bad supervisors don’t realize how much harder it is to read all of the memes you’re supposed to when they keep watching you work.

Unnamed 41

44. Whenever an employee feels satisfied with their petty theft of a pen or toilet paper, you can always remind them you have stolen something much more valuable. 


45. This is definitely one of the worst feelings. You won’t be able to do the task no matter what, so why bother putting in a lot of effort? 

Teamwork Memes

Unnamed 43

46. Teamwork can help you accomplish many things, but it won’t protect you from potential bad ideas or decisions. Instead, it will help you reach those bad decisions faster. 


47. This is one of the more inspirational teamwork memes. If you want to inspire your co-workers, you can always add this to the breakroom fridge. 

Unnamed 45

48. When you finally start to work as a cohesive team and communicate with each other, you can accomplish great things.

Unnamed 46

49. If you needed another inspirational productivity meme for your team, this is a great option to go with. 

Unnamed 47

50. Teams might not be the most effective option all the time, but they definitely have potential and can pay off sometimes. 

Teamwork Sometimes Your

51. Unfortunately, there might be a reason why your team isn’t as effective or talented as you would like it to be. 

Unnamed 49

52. It is time to get the team together and show everyone what you are truly capable of. 

Unnamed 50

53. While this is one of the cutest productivity memes on this list, it points out an important fact. Your team will be unproductive if certain team members keep slowing you down all of the time. 

Unnamed 51

54. Truly great things can be accomplished once you learn how to work together. 

Unnamed 52

55. This is an easy way to explain every time your team project has ever failed. 

Unnamed 53

56. This is a fairly cynical way to look at teamwork. Unfortunately for anyone who has ever been on a team, this can end up being the case if you aren’t all on the same page. 

Unnamed 54

57. If you want to motivate everyone on your team, you can send them this meme. 

Unnamed 55

58. Anyone who has ever tried to compete in a three-legged race can definitely vouch for this. It might be slower to work as a group sometimes, but you will definitely enjoy the experience more. 

Unnamed 56

59. This is certainly true. If it were possible to do the entire project with just one person, management would have definitely considered it already. 

Unnamed 57

60. From time to time, everyone needs a hand. By working as a team, you can accomplish more than you could ever achieve individually. 

The greatest irony of productivity memes is how unproductive they are. While you should be managing your time wisely, focusing on your to-do list, and working with your team members, you are gazing at funny cats and work-related jokes instead. Thankfully, we can help you save time on looking up each meme by giving you all of them at once. 

With a better outlook and a new attitude, you can accomplish your goals during the workweek. Then, you can kick back and enjoy your weekend without any distractions. Until Friday afternoon arrives, these memes will provide a temporary boost to your work mood.

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September 17, 2019