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Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying To Mars [Comic]

Software development methods explained by flying to Mars

Truth be told, there’s no wrong way to manage a big software project (except “moving fast and breaking things” – that one has not aged well). Waterfall may seem rigid and old school, but it’s really just another way of saying “plan ahead”. Agile methods are great for flexibility, as long as someone tells the client when to stop giving feedback.


This comic was commissioned by Toggl. We fund our comics by making a great, simple to use time-tracking app.

The Wirecutter called Toggl “the best time-tracking application for freelancers,” and Allison from Twitter called us “the real MVP.” Dave on Reddit only thinks we’re fine. But that’s ok! We think he’ll come around. Toggl is totally free for solo users and small teams to signup and use, so why not start tracking and see how much time all those rewrites are taking you. That is, if you really want to know.

October 3, 2019