New Navigation, New Look

Good news! We have gone over Toggl Plan, introduced a major update, and made it look sleeker than ever. The purpose of the update is to improve navigation between Groups and Projects – the two key planning views Toggl Plan offers – and to provide a better, more compact overview of all you’re up to.

Introducing: Sidebar

The new sidebar is the biggest experience-related update we’ve had in a while.

As most of our users use both types of overviews equally, improving the navigation was the most logical first step towards better usability. Before, it took two clicks and quite a bit of scrolling to find the right project or group. We’ve tried to improve that so you can find things easily and use Toggl Plan to the fullest.

We’ve Archived Your Projects

To make sure you get the most our of the sidebar, we’ve automatically archived all projects you haven’t edited or added anything to during the past 6 months. We’ve done this so that the sidebar would be less overwhelming. You can easily unarchive the projects by clicking on Archive on the sidebar — and then selecting “Unarchive” on the right of the project.

What You’ll Find on Sidebar

On the sidebar, you can also find Quick search, Archive (check that for any projects you think might be missing) and Settings, as well as the ability to switch between workspaces. Most of the upcoming improvements we make to Teamweek will also be located on the sidebar.

Vocabulary Changes

There’s also a few changes we’ve made on how we talk about Toggl Plan. What we previously referred to as “Projects” is from now on known as “Plans”. We did it to make things clearer and prepare next updates that are tied with these features.

Navigation Explained

If you’re unsure on how to navigate Teamweek now that it looks a bit different, head over to our Help Center to take a look at all the elements on the sidebar and what they mean.

Most of these changes would never have reached the public without your constant input. So if you have any thoughts or feedback on the changes we’ve made, don’t hesitate to contact us on We’d love to hear from you.

September 19, 2019

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