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From pipeline to invoice, closing deals with Rachel Jacobs

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Economic uncertainty takes its toll — is your agency struggling with the sales processes too? Rachel Jacobs, THE E-commerce Agency Coach is joining Toggl Academy for a session on Closing deals: moving the leads from the pipeline to that first invoice. 💸

What you’ll learn 💡

Rachel shares her insights from working with hundreds of agencies around the world:

  • Why decision-making and financial commitment drag is stalling your leads in the pipeline
  • Reshape your offer: negotiate better, let the trivial details slide, and lock it in.
  • Weigh in when signing conditions are simply not worth it.

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About the speaker 🎙️

Rachel is an Ecommerce Agency Coach dedicated to scaling agencies and enabling agency owners to get out of the day-to-day of running their business. Rachel specializes in implementing best practice operations, systems, and processes to scale e-commerce agencies profitably and efficiently. From building retainer models to coaching high-performing leadership teams, she simplifies the steps toward being ready for an exit.

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