What’s New In Q2 2024: Enhanced SSO, Easier Invoicing, Shared Time Entries, And More
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What’s New In Q2 2024: Enhanced SSO, Easier Invoicing, Shared Time Entries, And More

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What a great quarter we had!

Not only did we significantly improve our SSO functionality, we also: 

Another big highlight for us was our global team meet-up in Tallinn, Estonia. While we all work remotely, we love gathering a few times a year to discuss upcoming plans, big dreams, and key learnings. 

Here’s the Toggl team sending our smiles to you all (and planning our next releases!)

SSO update: Improved security and set-up flexibility

We made extensive improvements to Toggl’s single sign-on (SSO) to enhance security and setup flexibility. Here’s what’s new:

  • Enforced SSO-only login: Enable SSO-only login to control access exclusively through a single sign-on.
  • Increased flexibility in SSO setup: Add additional administrators to manage your SSO profiles, set up multiple domains for your organization’s login, or use a single domain for multiple different workspaces.
  • Simplified user management: Enable an option to automatically create user accounts. If someone from your specified domain logs in via SSO but isn’t yet a user of Toggl, we can automatically create their account and add them to all workspaces linked to this SSO profile.
  • Activity logs: See all activity related to the SSO profile, dating back three months, to help with troubleshooting.

And don’t forget — enabling SSO also allows your team to access Toggl with the same credentials it uses for other tools 😏

👉 How to make the most of our new SSO features

SSO is available in our Premium and Enterprise plans.

You can now turn any time entry into an invoice item!

Before this change, invoices could only be created using Summary reports based on project, user or client data. Now, you can also use Detailed reports and Analytics charts to pull any time entry into your next invoice.

👉 Learn more about creating invoices

This feature update is included in all of our plans.

Task-specific billable rates

Toggl Track billable rates just got even more granular – you can now assign task-specific billable rates. This will improve your data accuracy, billing, and assessment of business profitability. Make your Project billable, go to your Project Tasks and set your task-specific billable rate.

👉Learn more about billable rates

Billable rates are available in Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans.

More collaboration with Shared Time Entries

Teams spend a lot of time collaborating on tasks and meetings. Now, it’s easier for them to log these hours as a shared time entry.

Just type ‘+’ in your time entry, add your teammates and the time entry will appear in their account.

👉 Learn more about Shared Time Entries

Shared Time Entry feature is included in all of our plans.

Ensure consistency with Public Favorites

Tired of reviewing your team’s time entry descriptions to ensure correct invoicing and reporting? 

Admins can now create Public Favorites — time entries the whole team can start with a click. This way, all entries are described and marked neatly.

👉Everything you need to know about Public Favorites 

Public Favorites are included in Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Analytics: better experience for customized reports

Use your time tracking data to gain insights into your team’s profitability, productivity, and project or client health. Here’s Enzo, Toggl Track’s Analytics Product Manager, explaining all the updates we’ve delivered in Q2 to improve your Analytics reports.

Here’s the summary for you:

  • Create and edit charts straight from your dashboards.
  • Export your dashboards and charts to PDF.
  • Group your data by ‘Billable’ and visualize your billable and non-billable time entries in table, bar or donut chart.
  • Add new columns to your tables for better analysis. Here are new columns that you can add:

1. Progress column. Set your project and task estimates to see their progress over the selected period.

2. Labor cost rate.

3. Billable and non-billable hours (duration and percentage).

4. Project fixed fee.

5. Project start and end date.

  • Hide weekends in your Analytics charts when you group them by weekday or day.
  • Choose from a lot of date presets. We’ve added ‘Week to date’, ‘Month to date’ and ‘Last 2 weeks’.

These improvements are part of our ongoing efforts to give you more ways to use your data, your way.

Set up Alerts from Project page

Always know how a project is progressing and receive email alerts once it reaches a certain percentage of your set time estimates or budget. 

Alerts can help you meet deadlines, track progress, and make necessary improvements if needed.

Previously, it was possible to set up Alerts from your Settings page. Now, you can also create them from the Project page to ensure you are alerted the minute it reaches a certain estimation percentage.

Alerts feature is available on Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Set your projects to biweekly recurrence

You can automatically reset project time estimates or fixed fees for long-term projects by scheduling them to recur at regular intervals. We’ve added a new option this quarter, so you can set projects to recur every two weeks. The existing options —  Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly — are still available.

👉Learn all about recurring projects here

Recurring projects feature is available on Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Tracking time from Toggl Plan just got easier

We’ve made it a lot easier to track your time from Toggl Plan, our capacity planning tool. Toggl Plan gives you a clear overview of your team’s availability and allows you to plan ahead with confidence.

You can track time directly from Toggl Plan, and time entries smoothly sync with Toggl Track.

Here are new ways to do it:

  • Right-click your tasks and create a time entry.
  • In your Board, move your task to ‘Done’ and automatically create a time entry.

Here’s Toggl Plan product manager Laura showing you all the ways to track your time from Toggl Plan.👇

Your team capacity dashboard in Toggl Plan

Get a quick look into your team’s availability and time off in the newly launched Toggl Plan Dashboard.

Again, we will tag Toggl Plan Product Manager Laura in to give an overview of how it works 👇

Interested in trying Toggl Plan? Integrate Toggl Plan with Toggl Track here.

Are you a team of 10+ looking to simplify your capacity planning? Book a Toggl Plan demo here and let us show you around!

Add skills in Toggl Plan to facilitate task assignments

You can now attach skills to people and tasks. This helps with prioritization—if a task has a skill attached, people with the same skill are prioritized in the assignee list.

👉Learn more about assigning skills

What’s next?

Our team continues to work on making time tracking a more seamless and powerful experience for you and your team. To ensure we’re focusing on what matters most, we want to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our support website and message us using the Live Chat bubble in the bottom-right corner.

Some of our paid features might not be accessible on our Free plan. To upgrade to a paid plan, look for Subscription in the left-hand menu of the web app, or read more about our available pricing plans.

Until next time!

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