Earn a Tree by Becoming a Planning Master

Every team member needs encouragement when they’re learning new things, even if it’s as simple as Toggl Plan.

Today, we released our Achievements program that covers everything users need to know about Toggl Plan– so that you’ll feel as confident using the tool as possible. Our users can now learn to use Toggl Plan’s key features in a more fun way, with loads of encouragement. And you can earn a tree on the way.

To get a tree, all you need to do is tweet at us on Twitter that you’ve become a Toggl Plan Master. There will be a link for that after your achievements program is completed. 

Of course, we don’t plant the trees ourselves. For that, we have partnered up with Tree-Nation. During the past year we have planted more than 1000 trees, and through that become a carbon-negative company. Take a look at our “forest” and add your contribution — by simply learning to use Toggl Plan.

December 10, 2018

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