Introducing: Toggl Hire's Chrome Extension
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Introducing: Toggl Hire’s Chrome Extension

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We’ve only gone and done it – we’ve launched our new Toggl Hire Chrome Extension

If you’re hiring for a new role, chances are that at some stage, you will visit the candidates’ Linkedin or GitHub profiles, to get a bit more context on experience they might have shared in their resume.

However, the truth is that experience is only half the story. Equally, if not more important, are a candidate’s practical skills and abilities relevant to the role. Our new Chrome extension lets you send candidates your Toggl Hire skills test, without leaving LinkedIn or GitHub. When the test has been completed, the candidate’s results are displayed in their profile. This gives you a clearer idea of the full picture – allowing you to further refine your candidate shortlist to those with strong experience and strong practical skills for the role you’re filling.

How does it work?

Simply put, our extension makes it easier and quicker to invite candidates to take your Toggl Hire skills test. It enables you to send them your skills tests directly from LinkedIn or GitHub, in just two clicks. Once they’ve taken the test, their score will be displayed in their profile.

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Focus only on the best candidates

By combining a candidate’s experience from their Linkedin/GitHub profile with their Toggl Hire skills score, you can quickly and methodically comb through your prospective hires to create the ultimate, high-quality shortlist. This means you can be certain you’re inviting the strongest candidates to interview, based on hard evidence that a resume alone cannot provide.

It is hard as a recruiter to gauge someone’s actual abilities from their Linkedin profile alone. Two years’ experience in one company can equal five years in another. The day-to-day skills of one Product Manager will vary from company to company. How do you know they possess the skills you need for your position? That’s where our Chrome extension shines. It will give you the proof you need to invite prospects to interview.

What does this mean for you? A few things. Firstly, you will be saving hours and hours of useless interviews with candidates who aren’t a good fit. Secondly, you open up the opportunity to discuss more relevant topics in the interviews you do conduct, since you won’t have to cover experience or competency-based questions. This allows for more in-depth discussion around company culture, assessing for cultural fit, and where relevant, determining a candidate’s suitability for remote work.

Ultimately, this translates to higher quality hires that will slot right into your company and start being productive from the get go, even in a remote environment, because you took the time to screen for these attributes in way you never could in competency-based interviews.

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See candidate evolution with test score history

In addition to seeing a candidate’s most recent test results, our Chrome extension also shows any historic tests a candidate has taken for a position at your company. This shows you who is dedicated to getting a role at your company, and their resolve could be a determining factor in inviting them for interview.

But beyond just seeing who is passionate about your cause, you can also see a candidate’s evolution, by how their skills improve over time. Perhaps when they first applied, they didn’t score too well, but they tried again the next time you advertised an opening in the same department, and did much better. This shows a clear ability for self-directed learning, a vital skill for remote work in particular.

Manage everything from your Toggl Hire dashboard

Our Chrome extension gives you added functionality outside of the Toggl Hire webapp itself. However, their test scores also still appear in your job opening dashboard and stats within the product. Move people around in your pipeline or make notes on specific candidates based on their experience.

This all-in-one functionality makes central management a breeze, and means you can stay on top of your hiring process, even if you have thousands of applicants (yes seriously – for example, our sister company Toggl gets 500 – 1500 applicants per role on average).

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Get started now

Download our Chrome extension and start upgrading your hiring process!

All it takes is an active Toggl Hire account and our Chrome extension in your browser, and you’re ready to get started.

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