If The World Was Created By A Programmer [Comic]

A snippet of the If The World Was Created By A Programmer comic

In the beginning, there was light and darkness and stack overflow, which is really just a combination of the two.

In a shiny, new world made by a programmer, one might see their creation and go, ‘yeah, that’s probably good,’ but bugs may lie just below the surface…

If The World Was Created By a Programmer Comic

This comic was created by the developers behind Toggl – the world’s most accurate time tracking app.

So what else have you been working on?

Other than making an app that feels like a money button when you hit start, we’ve also been making lots of these comics.

You might enjoy this strip explaining IT jobs with a broken light bulb or this one that looks at all the types of questions support staff are asked.

If you work at an agency, you’ll probably appreciate our illustrated guide to the Seven Circles of Development Hell. Also, we have ranked the worst kinds of web dev clients using pirates.

I dig these, will there be more?

First of all, thanks!

Secondly, this and most of our comics are written by an artificially intelligent robot that generates jokes by scraping the darkest and friendliest parts of the internet. It seems to have reached some sort of sentience and won’t stop mumbling about existential dread. But if we can figure out how to fix Mart 3000s new ‘feature,’ we’ll definitely be bringing you some more of these comics in the future.

If you like these comics, give us like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so you can get these pieces of comic art delivered right to the place you waste all your time anyway! (sorry, Reddit)

In the meantime, give Toggl a spin (by clicking anything that looks like a CTA on this page). If you’re a programmer, chances are you’ll need a time tracker.

October 31, 2017

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