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How To Build A Horse With Programming [Comic]

Tired of modern transportation? Have a ton of hay laying around? It sounds like you might very well be in the market for a horse. But why not build one yourself through the magic of programming.

How to Build A Horse with Programming comic


This comic was developed by the Toggl Goon Squad. When not horsing around and making fun of technologies they do not like (or don’t know how to use), they are busy building Toggl Track.

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But why would you want to build a horse?

We’ve already created the world’s greatest time tracking software, so we figured – why not take on a new challenge? It really works best if you don’t think about it too much, like a new Star Trek movie or fruit bottom yoghurt. It’s best to enjoy it for what it is.

Done. What else have you got?

So glad you asked.

We theorized what might happen if programmers created the earth (spoiler alert: it’s not great).

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January 16, 2018