New Feature: Project View 2.0
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New Feature: Project View 2.0

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Roadmapping is an increasingly important piece in our own workflow. And that has made us see project planning in a whole new light. That’s why we’re happy to announce the redesigned version of the Project View. 

Project View 2.0

You can now divide your projects into different segments. Here at Toggl Plan, for example, one project might have three project segments: research, design, and development. Organizing a project this way helps cross-functional teams get a bird’s eye view of what everyone assigned to the project is working on.

When all team members know what stage the project is in, it makes it easier to communicate and keeps everyone in the loop. You never have to ask, “What happened to that project we started?” Keeping the timelines up to date and marking tasks done also helps us get the best possible overview of the progress. Toggl Plan Timeline

First Plan the Process, Then Assign the Tasks

The new version of the feature also allows everyone to first think through the process and then assign the individual tasks. This simplifies project planning by first providing a canvas for sketching the project flow, and then turning the plan into a reality. All tasks will apply to your group timeline as soon as they’ve been assigned.

At the moment you can only assign each task to one person. To assign it to someone else as well, simply duplicate it. Please let us know if you have any ideas how we could further improve the feature.


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