What's New: Task Card
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What’s New: Task Card

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The Task card is where you edit all the information relevant to a task. As such it’s the most used feature in Toggl Plan – you open it to schedule work, check in on task details, leave comments for your peers and mark tasks done. 

Our Task card has become very busy over the years, so we decided to simplify it. We are very excited to finally share the new Task card with you this week.

Continue reading to find out what’s changed and learn how to become one of the first people to try it out.

Task Card Improvements

The improved Task card is more flexible, makes sure everyone gets the same information and leaves room to see what else is happening. 

A Cleaner Layout That You Can Customize

Additional properties (Segments, Tags, Time Estimates, Start – End Times) are only visible when in use and you can hide the sections (Description, Checklist, Attachments) you don’t need. This leaves more room for the information that is actually relevant for you, at a glance. 

Everyone Sees the Same Information

You can set the visibility of properties for each task separately, so no important information gets lost and everyone sees the tasks exactly the same way.

See What Else Is Happening

The Task card no longer takes up the whole screen, but instead it opens on the side, leaving the background visible. Feel free to scroll your timeline, update tasks, create or open a new task in a single click.

When Can I Try This?

The new Task card will be released this week with a voluntary opt-in system.

We know that this is a major change and something that needs getting used to. For this reason, we will not switch you to the new Task card, but instead give you a chance to try it out at your own pace. 

When the new Task card goes live, you’ll see an opt-in call to action to give the new Task card a try. This is your chance to be one of the first users to try the new Task card and leave us your feedback. And don’t worry, if you’re not ready to stick with the new version yet you can also switch back to the old one.

Final Words

Be among the first people to try out our new and improved Task card and share your feedback! What do you love and what can we improve? Let us know at support@plan.toggl.com.

Kati Kuustik

Kati Kuustik is a marketing and analytics specialist at Toggl Plan, where she helps the product and marketing teams better understand user behavior in order to translate that into valuable product updates and effective campaigns.

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