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If A Startup Were A Zoo [Comic]

You might feel silly comparing a startup to a zoo. We get it. Zoos are well-organized businesses that have to make money to survive. They’re nothing like startups.

But we wondered what it might look like if a startup were a zoo…


This is yet another infographic by the Toggl Track team – the people behind the world’s no. 1-time tracking app. 

We do these comics to give you a mental break from your epic daily adventures – like creating an amazing product or trying to find yourself a good gorilla. Just be careful, it’s a jungle (or zoo) out there.

Neato! What else have you guys done?

Well if you work for a startup, there’s a good chance we’ve explained your job with a lightbulb.

If you’re a developer, boy do we have some great comics for you. We did this awesome comic about using different programming languages to rescue the princess from the dragon as well as this comic that theorized what might happen if programmers created the earth (spoiler alert: it’s not great).

You might also enjoy The Unicorn Startup Simulator – a highly realistic, deeply immoral game about life in the gritty startup scene of Silicon Valley. We built the entire game during a weeklong team retreat in the Scottish lowlands (highlands were not good, terrible wifi).

Also, since a lot of our users work in development, we also have this handy guide explaining different development methods using cars.

Will you do more of these?

Probably. Being a time tracking app, we’re pretty passionate about the software development industry and the challenges of working in that field.

If you have any cool ideas that we could put into a comic, do let us know in the comments below and we promise to add you as an easter egg when it comes out.

Until then – keep on trackin’!

March 6, 2018