Not all clients are equal with Chris Bantock
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Not all clients are equal with Chris Bantock

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Not all clients are equal. 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you’re really after seeing those profit margins go up, the solution is simple – keep the best and ditch the rest.

This episode of Toggl Academy covers agencies’ top mistakes with client retention, tips on parting ways with clients without burning bridges, and a hands-on approach to grading your clients.

What you’ll learn 💡

Chris brings experience from owning, running, scaling, and selling his agency to give insights on:

  • A hands-on guide to grading your clients
  • The most common mistakes agencies make with client management
  • Losing clients so they remain fans and creating partnerships with other agencies

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About the speaker 🎙️

Having run, scaled, and sold a marketing agency over 12 years since 2019, Chris dedicates his time to helping others on their journey. He is an Agency Business Guide who will work with clients to coach, train, mentor, and advise. Chris founded Agency Local in 2019 to provide group business support and various agency resources. Growing and developing an agency is a journey – owners need help and support on that journey.

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