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There are various data processing operations that need to be performed in order for us to deliver, develop and ensure the continuity of our services. Data have to be processed both for ourselves as well as our customers, and customers themselves process data through our services. Not all of the required processing is carried out by our own staff or at our facilities. Some operations have been outsourced to third parties. This page provides information about the parties whose services we use in executing our customers’ data processing instructions and/or for certain of our own data processing purposes. We refer to it as our “Sub-processor List” and each entity on it as a “Sub-processor”. The tables below set out who our current Sub-processors are, what is their role (the nature of the services each of them provides us) and where are they located.

Parties whose services we use for the processing of our customers' data:

Service Specific Sub-processors

Sub-processorResource/service providedLocation of entity
Everapi GmbHLive and Historic currency ratesAustria, EU
Google Cloud EMEA LimitedCloud infrastructure (IaaS)Ireland
HubSpot, Inc.Customer relationship managementUnited States
Noti-Fire Apps LtdCloud-based notification serviceUnited States
OpenAI Inc.Cloud-based GPT modelUnited States
PostHog, Inc.Website AnalyticsUnited States
SendGrid, Inc.Cloud-based email servicesUnited States
Trinify B.V.Image CompressorUnited States

This list is subject to change, so please check back frequently for updates.

Last updated: May 14th 2024

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