15 Teamwork Software Alternatives for Project Management
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15 Teamwork Software Alternatives for Project Management

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Doing project management without using the proper software tools has become nearly impossible, especially over the last few years. With more companies hiring remote workers, online collaboration tools are becoming a crucial part of every business in this industry. Programs like Teamwork have come into the picture as a cloud-based means to improve communication, organization, and production.

Teamwork Project is a fairly common name among project management companies. Though they have been around since 2007, they still haven’t gained a very strong hold within the market due to increasingly innovative competition.

While Teamwork has useful features, there are many good alternatives to their app. Here are fifteen project management options to look at before committing to the Teamwork software.

1. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a user-friendly, responsive project management app that can help you manage multiple projects with everyone on your team. It makes the process of communicating and collaborating incredibly simple to ensure each project is successful. Use their project roadmap tools and check progress with weekly, monthly, and annual review options.

2. Asana

Asana is known for helping teams track their work and making it easier to achieve their desired results. Their software boosts communication to keep teams in sync and make sure no steps are missed. With the ability to move each project from stage to stage, everyone knows exactly where each task is within the process.

3. Workfront

As a highly customizable project management app, Workfront allows you to use their default dashboards or to create one of your own. It can take some time to learn the system and how to add all of the features your project may need. But with its emphasis on measuring works and reaching goals, it is a good alternative to the Teamwork software.

4. Wrike

Wrike places an added focus on the needs of companies with multiple remote workers. They offer real-time reports on the project’s status to keep everyone informed. With additional planning and workflow features, their software makes it easy to turn strategy into action and track your team’s efforts.

5. Trello

With a simple drag-and-drop system, Trello has become a popular Teamwork software alternative. Each project task can be organized by level of importance and easily marked with due dates and other labels. It is a great tool with real-time updates to ensure all of the necessary steps are up-to-date at all times.

6. Taskworld

Taskworld boasts a visual task manager, team messaging software, and project planning features all in one app. It minimizes the need for pointless meetings and discussions with its useful collaborative features. The software encourages organized action thanks to its ease of use and clear design.

7. Clarizen

Focusing on larger enterprise businesses, Clarizen has a vast array of reports for every project management need. Their app offers reports that track everything ranging from project progress to budgets, as well as client-related information. With the added ability to integrate numerous apps, it fills many of the project management needs of enterprise-sized companies.

8. Monday.com

Formerly known as dapulse, Monday.com identifies itself as the “perfect tool for your team.” Projects, tasks, and basic to-dos are all manageable from the same board, making it a one stop shop for project managers. Teammate workloads can also be planned out and assigned to specific tasks one by one.

9. Smartsheet

Once the project initiation and planning phases are complete, it’s important to be able to move on to the execution phase as quickly as possible. Smartsheet streamlines that process with its customizable project management features. As a solid alternative to the Teamwork software, it allows users to align with any industry or project type.

10. Zoho

Unlike most of the apps on this list, Zoho is not strictly a project management software. Along with its productivity tools, it also features marketing and sales apps. Even though they may not seem as specialized, their project management program still offers effective project planning, task tracking, and team collaboration components.

11. Redbooth

Redbooth is one of the few Teamwork software alternatives on this list that offers video conferencing for simple team communication. Whether you want to chat face-to-face or through the conversation threads, team collaboration will be improved with this app. Also, their easy-to-navigate sidebar design prevents unnecessary time spent searching through separate files and project dashboards.

12. Mavenlink

Mavenlink places an added focus on the financial side of project management. It allows users to easily track financial expenses and other reports, while still providing other comprehensive project management tools. Instead of simply assigning tasks to individuals, it offers strong collaboration features to make sure every team can work together and determine the best path for the project.

13. ClickUp

Similar to Zoho, the ClickUp program helps manage marketing, sales, and other needs along with project management. It can be customized for specific needs and uses effective communication tools to improve a team’s workflow. One key feature is the ability to view tasks in three different ways: list view, box view, or board view.

14. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one business management software with dashboard tools ranging from CRM and billing to project management. The system lets users track time, generate invoices, organize client information, and more. It is one of few options on this list that offers everything necessary to a team’s production in one place.

15. Podio

Podio offers some unique collaboration methods with instant messaging, email integration, and file sharing options. Their visual dashboard gives users the ability to view either summarized project updates or more detailed insight into each task. As a common alternative to the Teamwork software, it helps teams find their place in an online office.

Choosing the Right Teamwork Software Alternative

Each of these programs have specific benefits that will help a range of teams in different industries. While some may have more intuitive features than others, they are all good alternatives to the Teamwork software.

While it has a similar name, Toggl Plan has a vast range of features to improve your team’s overall project management experience. To learn more about how Toggl Plan can improve your project planning, team collaboration, and progress monitoring, be sure to check out our blog.

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