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The Top 10 Planning Tools for Managers

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A business or company can be difficult to manage. Especially when it comes to managing employees, organizing budgets, running meetings, etc. When it comes to managing a business or a team, having strategies in place and being able to effectively communicate is just as important as having a plan to grow the business.

Having a powerful planning tool at your disposal is key to making this a success.

These 10 planning tools will help you manage your employees, schedules, and projects with ease. #projectplanning #officemanagement

All over the internet, there are project management tools available to business owners. In a company, there are several things going on and proper planning can go out the window. The best way to prevent any important tasks falling by the wayside is to have good plans prepared. Here are the top 10 planning tools for managers that includes features and prices.

1. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a planning tool best known for its beautiful design and easy-to-use interface. Both managers and team members will love that Toggl Plan makes it easy to see the team’s schedule at a glance. Toggl Plan is designed to help you both plan ahead and track your progress with features that include a project view, project timelines, and optional checklists for each task. Their innovative software also supports numerous third-party applications, which can be integrated with the program.

Toggl Plan is a powerful tool that is free for solo users. Team plans start at $8/month per user.

2. An Affinity Diagram

An affinity Diagram is an in-office tool designed to be free-hand for managing a significant amount of ideas into groups determined by their fundamental operations. The Affinity Diagram is also known as a method, which originated in Japan. It is widely used in offices to brainstorm complex ideas and delegate appropriately.

The diagram can easily be integrated into an excel sheet or other apps, as needed. The manager can assign different tasks to a team or individual and keep track of their progress. This free planning tool allows for complex ideas to be outlined and discussed with immediate team members.

3. 10,000 Ft Plans

10,00 Ft Plans is a tool that supports various business and design based companies. It showcases the ability to drag tasks and drop them to assigned members. The overview dashboard also supports real-time updates on each project’s status.

10,000 Ft assists project managers with constructing reports from a number of supported operational data and starts at $10 per month for each user.

4. Float

Float is a planning tool that allows an advertising business to plan a project with limited hassle. It provides easy assignment delegation, editing, and live informational news about projects. The app is a technological powerhouse equipped with a customizable reporting system for different operation data sectors.

Float includes a weekly email notification tool and provides important business updates for users that are not regulars of the program. This tool can support third-party software and is free for 30 days, then is priced at $5 per month.

5. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a project management tool that gives a business control over their planning needs, task delegation, provisions, and editing. The real-time availability prospect is also available with this planning tool. The supported scheduling tool allows a manager to prepare a workweek schedule and book what is currently available in order to manage the workload without a manual process.

Starting at only $19 per month, this app is fairly priced for everything you get.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is a popular planning tool for business owners, well-known for its many project management features. Basecamp features a state-of-the-art user dashboard, a calendar, and scheduling system that allows team members and workers to communicate with ease. The program also provides a preview of current projects and files as employees are working on them. A great thing about Basecamp and its features is that they are accessible on one page and is mobile-friendly.

Basecamp starts at $29 per month and, depending on the size of the business, can be as much as $3000.

7. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is a tool that managers can use to manage projects on the cloud. The planner allows users to increase their efficiency while working on a range of tasks. LiquidPlanner lets managers delegate tasks to their team members, create schedules with the featured drag-and-drop tool, and get real-time project reports.

LiquidPlanner is also available on smartphone and tablet devices. This planning tool is free for 30 days or available for immediate purchase with of their plans. For teams up to 5 users, it starts at $9.99 per user a month and goes up from there. For larger companies, there is an Enterprise plan that requires a phone conversation with a consultant to get pricing information.

8. Podio

Podio is a planning tool that helps with task management and events that are associated with the projects. The tool features an easily accessible system, mobile devices support, the ability to manage multiple projects at once, and communicate with team members. Podio also allows app integration with third-party programs.

Podio’s basic plan starts at $9 per month.

9. Asana

Asana is an easy to use project management tool, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboard. Managers are able to assign different teams and group members to a project with due dates, attachments, and tracking processes. Team members are able to give real-time updates on the project that they are working one and communicate with easy to others. Asana is available on web browsers and smartphone devices.

This tool is free, but also offers paid premium features.

10. is an online project and planning management software that allows teams to organize and delegate projects with a simple dashboard. Designed specifically for planning projects, progress timelines, and collaborating with employees or team members, this free program offers an easy system for those who need help with their project management efforts.

Which Planning Tool is Right for You?

In today’s world, technology drives everything we do. Companies and businesses are more commonly offering remote positions or allowing employees to work remotely part time. This has generated the need to have online tools that allow team members to communicate about projects and make changes as necessary. These planning tools give managers the ability to assign tasks, keep track of progress, collect reports, and manage workloads.

Logan Derrick

Logan Derrick is a full-time business writer and content marketing strategist. For years, he has worked closely with several project management professionals, learning from them and increasing his own knowledge of the industry. Having held multiple management positions in fields ranging from customer service to marketing, Logan has found a passion for helping others learn about project management, marketing, and the powerful tools available to professionals today.

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