Toggl Hire: Q2, 2022
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Toggl Hire: Q2, 2022

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Welcome to another quarterly update! Before filling you in on what we’ve been doing to strengthen your hiring game, we have to say that this quarter felt a bit like summer; it lasted for 3 days!

While we always keep the focus on you, our customers, this time, we worked on features and additions that will make your recruitment process an absolute breeze and keep your candidates happy.

Here are our solutions for you: Email templates management, candidate search, candidate app localization, contact candidates, and new additions to our skills and templates.

Product Updates

Here’s a round-up on what’s new at Toggl Hire.

Email Templates Management: Manage and automate your email templates from one place

Toggl Hire email templates management feature

This new premium feature is all about boosting your productivity! It helps you create, revise and customize emails based on the needs of your hiring pipeline. You can add variables to your emails to make them more personalized, define tags for easy filtering, and archive or delete a template when you are done with it.

The emails you send are automatically saved to Candidate History for seamless tracking.

Here are some templates you can create with this feature:

  • Test invitation – invite candidates to complete a test
  • Next stage invitation & resend – invite and reinvite candidates to another test in the same job
  • Video intro invitation & resend – invite and reinvite candidates to complete a video intro
  • Video intro feedback – provide feedback to your candidates for a video intro
  • Candidate rejection – reject a candidate
  • Contact candidate – contact the candidate with a generic email

Like any feature on Toggl Hire, you have complete autonomy.

Email Templates Management feature is accessible from your workspace settings and your job settings; learn more about it here.

Candidate Search: Easily search for candidates across your entire workspace

A candidate reached out inquiring about their application, but they forgot to mention which role they’ve applied for? No worries, now you can search for that candidate across your workspace. Go to the “Candidates” tab on the dashboard and search by name, email, or job role.

Toggl Hire smart ATS candidate search feature

We love filters that make your life easy here at Toggl Hire, so it’s no surprise that you can filter your candidate list by date applied, test score, tags, stars, and notes.

And if you want to see a test a particular candidate completed, simply click on the candidate, and it will open.

Psst! More exciting capabilities are coming to this feature very soon.

Candidate App Localization: Give your candidates the smooth experience they deserve

We believe it’s paramount to create a positive candidate experience. That’s why we added 12 new languages to the candidate interface to go hand in hand with your custom tests.

Toggl Hire candidate interface with different languages for custom tests

You can set your local language for the landing and test results pages under the Job Settings – General tab while customizing your test.

Candidates can also change the language for the test’s user interface to experience the smoothest test-taking experience. That’s what we call hiring with ease.

Learn more about this feature, here.

Contact Candidates: Attract the most motivated talent by moving fast

Toggl Hire contact candidates feature on candidate scorecards

This premium feature helps you keep your best-fit candidates in the pipeline by promptly reaching out to them without leaving the Toggl Hire platform. Available on candidate scorecards, the Contact Candidate feature enables you to email candidates directly from their profile – no more tab-switching hassle!

Then, stay in the know on the communication flow via the candidate history tab.

Find more about Contact Candidates on our knowledge base.

New Skills & Templates: Marketing, Product, Tech, and more

Pre-ready templates for skills assessments on Toggl Hire for every role

Our team is working hard to provide you with the biggest and best question library out there.

Say hi to these new templates:

  • Marketing: Growth Marketer, Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Product: Hardware Product Manager
  • Personality: Attention to Details
  • Others: Researcher, Math

Let’s not forget the new skills:

  • Marketing: Strategic Marketing, Growth Marketing, Influencer Marketing, WordPress Administration, WordPress Development
  • Soft: Attention to Details, Research
  • Product: Risk Management, Hardware Product Development
  • Tech: Fundamental Math

And, if you still can’t see the role you are hiring for, you can create your own custom test in 2-clicks.

Hint: (As always) more in the works!

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the quarterly summary and the solutions added to the Toggl Hire platform. We are available at for your questions or your feedback.

If you are new to Toggl Hire and wonder what skills-based hiring is, you are in for a treat! Explore here.

We are excited about the upcoming quarter because we have a BIG surprise for you.

Stay tuned!

Dilara Asan

Dilara is the Product Marketing Manager at Toggl Hire. You can connect with Dilara via LinkedIn.

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