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Toggl Hire: Quarter 1, 2021

We hit the ground running in 2021, and have got a lot to fill you in on! So let’s jump right in.

Product Updates

5 New Skills Added

You can now test candidates on 5 new skills – Financial Transactions, Elixir, SQL Server, Git, and GraphQL. If there are any skills we don’t currently have that you would like to see, please shoot us an email!

5 New Skills 1 1024x394

34 New Templates Added

With our new community manager Marie on board, we’ve been expanding our template library at lightning speed. This means you can now create skills tests in just a few clicks for 34 new positions, across Marketing, Sales, Development, Design, and Customer Success.

34 New Templates Added


  • Copywriter
  • Content Copywriter
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Available on premium plan only:

  • Performance Marketing Specialist

Sales & Customer Success

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Customer Success Manager

Available on premium plan only:

  • Account Executive


Available on premium plan only:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • UX Lead


  • Django Developer
  • Angular Developer
  • Kotlin Developer
  • TypeScript Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • C Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • React Developer
  • React Native

Available on premium plan only:

  • Android Developer 
  • iOS Developer 
  • AWS Engineer 
  • Docker Assessment 
  • C# Developer 
  • Go Developer 
  • Elixir Developer
  • GraphQL Engineer
  • QL Server Engineer 
  • Lead JavaScript Developer
  • Lead Java Developer
  • Lead Android Developer
  • Lead iOS Developer
  • Lead DevOps Engineer

Launch of Activity Feed

Get all your updates at a glance with our new Activity Feed. It gives you a quick overview of the most important events in your workspace:

  • New candidates with scores above the threshold
  • Summary of daily candidates
  • New tests added by you or your team members
  • New templates added to the test library
  • New skills added to the test library
  • Tips on how to make most of your Toggl Hire tests
Toggl Hire Activity Feed 1024x584

Compact Dashboard

You might’ve also noticed your dashboard now shows more information at a glance. This helps you to:

  • Get a quick overview on your candidate stats per skills test. You can quickly see how many people have applied, and how many have passed.
  • Distinguish between test types: Smart test vs Custom test.
  • Get a 7-day overview of new candidates, qualified candidates, and edit history in your workspace.
Toggl Hire Compact Dashboard

Company Updates

We are thrilled to welcome two new members to the Toggl Hire team. Catarina from Portugal has joined us as a Frontend Developer, and Michael from the UK has joined us as a Digital Marketer, bringing the team to 13!

Wrapping Up

We are very proud of everything we’ve achieved so far, and intend to continue the year the way we started. What would you love to see next? How can we make hiring simpler and effortless for you? Let us know at

April 5, 2021