10 Workplace Trends You'll See in 2018 [Comic]
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10 Workplace Trends You’ll See in 2018 [Comic]

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Everyone’s got their own ideas about what the workplace of the future will be like. We decided to join in and come up with our own predictions.


This comic was created by Elizabeth Pich, half of the talent behind War and Peas.

Some workplace trends are better than others. Take for example the open office: originally praised by designers and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, the open office plan was meant to remove mental barriers placed on workers through physical separation.

These open office plans have endured since their inception in the 90s and even grown in popularity, partially due to their cost-effective use of space. Despite employer fervor, there is a growing scholarship pointing out the design’s flaws: lots of distractions, stress-inducing and collaboration suppression, to name a few.

Despite their flaws, workplace trends will endure. Some might even actually help us. No matter what you may think of workplace trends, I think we can all agree – dog yoga is a great idea.

I’m over workplace trends. What about more comics?

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Until then – keep on trackin’!

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