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Toggl Track - Employee Monitoring Software

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Toggl Track - Employee Monitoring Software

Toggl Track Explores: Employee Monitoring Software (Without Being Creepy About It)

You want to help your employees maximize their time, but you don’t want to be creepy about it. At Toggl Track, we’ve always believed that surveillance software is not okay.

That’s why we’ve intentionally developed a product that doesn’t monitor employees in the strict sense, but can still help create awareness around hours, productivity, and tracking. Here’s how we do it.

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Manage Employee Work Hours (Without Micromanaging)

Real-time employee monitoring does not mean you’re actually watching what your employees do behind their backs. Instead, Toggl Track provides powerful time tracking reports that employees can opt into. Employees can track billable hours to help calculate payroll. You can also export employee timesheets when it’s time to send invoices.

Friendly Reminders and Employee Tracking

The best time-tracking software can encourage employees to track their own time, rather than making them feel forced to sign up to a surveillance program. With Toggl Track, you can assign tasks to specific team members or groups, then track a project’s overall progress.

Did someone forget to track their time for a week? You can get alerts about missed targets or entries. Export combined activity logs and reports to get a nice overall view of how a project is going.

Monitoring and Project Management

With Toggl Track, you can set time estimates for each task and visually review employee progress. Toggl Track can provide a decent level of oversight, helping you pinpoint issues before they turn into problems - but without your employees feeling micromanaged.

Create visual reports and charts to manage your timesheets at a glance - either for yourself, or for your clients. And, integrate Toggl Track into your favorite apps for quick access.

The bottom line is: you need to approach employee monitoring with trust at the top of your mind. You need your clients to trust you, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of losing your employees’ trust and autonomy.

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Hassle-free time tracking with powerful reporting

Use Toggl Track wherever you work. Your data syncs across all Toggl Track platforms:

  • Toggl Track web app with advanced features

  • Mobile apps for time tracking on the go

  • Desktop apps for reminders and background tracking

  • Browser extensions with 100+ app integrations

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All plans come with a free, 30-day trial of Toggl Track Premium—no credit card required. Upgrade at the end of the trial or continue using Track for free.

By signing up, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and to receiving marketing communication from Toggl Track. You can opt out anytime.

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