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10 Simple Changes To Keep Your Team On Their Toes [Comic]

Mart Virkus Mart Virkus Last Updated:

Have you ever heard of the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”? Well, this comic is the exact opposite of that. We don’t recommend trying these things. And if your boss is doing three or more of the things listed below, it might be time to make some changes to your job.

a comic which shows a number of changes being made. the changes shown aren't all good. but they are all very bad

Looking to mix things up at work?

Jokes aside, changes can be a positive thing. Without changes, we would never have crawled out of the oceans. If you’re looking for tips on changing something in your work life, we’ve got a lot of experience with that.

The biggest change we ever made was abandoning our office for remote work. It’s not without its challenges, but if done properly, it does wonders for productivity and – more importantly – your work-life balance. If you want to steer your team in that direction, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on building a remote team.

If you need help convincing your bosses and peers to try remote work, we’ve also put together a pitch deck/checklist to help you do that. Remote work only works if the whole team is on board with the idea.

Speaking about teams, one of the big things we changed at Toggl this year was our approach to goals and planning. After trying out different things, we finally settled on Google’s “objectives and key results” framework. Our very own Liz Elfman also put together a handy guide on how to introduce OKR’s to the team.

A timer for changes

This comic was commissioned by Toggl, the simple time tracking app that helps you change your habits by showing where you’re spending your precious time.

Toggl is totally free for office workers of all types to sign up and use, so why not start tracking and see how much time you really spend catching up on meme culture (and also doing projects, submitting expense reports, answering emails, and all that)? It’s probably longer than you think.

This article is part of our series on change: why do we care so much about it, what do we get wrong about it, and is it really as great as we make it sound?

In our series, we’ve chronicled personal change, change in the workplace, and a handful of experiments on changing behaviours. In so doing, we hope to elucidate why we care so much about change.

a person looking at flower that are growing on top of a book while another person climbs down the side of the book with a large flower in their face. the image is meant to illustrate the the changes we'd like make in the new year

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10 Simple Changes To Keep Your Team On Their Toes

Have you ever heard of the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”? This is the exact opposite of that.


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This week we’re tackling change. Why do we place so much hope in the concept of change? What are the psychological components that spur or prevent it? What do we get wrong about it? Is change really as great as we make often make it sound?

Mart Virkus

Mart has a background in anthropology - a discipline which has turned people-watching into a science. He most enjoys working on projects that make you go from “that’s stupid” to “hmmm”.

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