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7 Time Management Tips and Tools for Remote Workers

Remote work isn’t without its challenges. Try these 7 tips to motivate productivity and manage time with staff around the world.


You’re Going to Fall in Love With These Visual Project Management Tools

Did you know the U.S. Department of Labor ran a study that found people remember 65% more details when a task is coupled with visuals? And do you know the percentage of information they remember after a meeting where you simply talk with them sharing verbal information? Less than 10%. Keeping this in mind in


The Best Tools for Project Managers in 2019

A quick search through our blog for the term “tools” will bring up pages and pages of content for you to learn from and read through. But if you’re looking for an up-to-date and current piece of content that discusses the best tools for project managers, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this


10 Manager Tools That Will Make Your Job Way Easier

A construction worker carries a tool belt to ensure he or she has the necessary piece of equipment ready at a moment’s notice. A surgeon has a large tray of operating utensils fully prepared to solve any problem that could arise during a surgical procedure. Batman always has his utility belt strapped on to ensure


These Timeline Creator Tools Will Make Your Job Way Easier

As a project manager, there are two things that I’d be lost without: my massive art deco mug loaded with diesel-grade coffee and my timeline creator. The first gets me started and keeps me going. The second shows me how to get there. Why Project Timelines Are Important Your project timeline serves several essential purposes,


10 Low-cost Project Management Tools you Can’t Afford Not to Use

The right project management tools can help managers become more organized while also reducing the costs involved with carrying out the project. Many of these programs allow team members to collaborate in real time as they share documents, ideas, and questions. Online tools can help make project cost management more affordable than it has ever


10 Tech Tools That Will Help You Turn Chaos Into Order

Starting any business has its fair share of hurdles and obstacles, so make sure you start on the right foot in designing the best possible process for your company. With multiple team players, tasks, and projects, it can be overwhelming to find a simple organization program for your small business team. In this age of


The Top 10 Planning Tools for Managers

A business or company can be difficult to manage. Especially when it comes to managing employees, organizing budgets, running meetings, etc. When it comes to managing a business or a team, having strategies in place and being able to effectively communicate is just as important as having a plan to grow the business. Having a


9 Powerful Organizational Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Use

When you are running a business, keeping everything organized is crucial to ensuring your company has set procedures for employees to follow. Staying organized saves your business a great deal of time and money, allowing it to flourish and grow. If you are running a business, multiple tasks may need to be performed and assigned


46 Sourcing Tools for Expert Recruiters to Find Top Talent

A set of tools can make or break your candidate sourcing process so it’s important to choose the right ones that fit your needs as a recruiter.

Project Planning

5 Tools That Will Make Project Coordination Easier

One of the most vital skills any project manager can master is project coordination. Project coordination involves the organization of the different elements that make up the project so that they all work seamlessly and effectively. Of course, there are many factors at play when we’re talking about any project, big or small. You have

Project Planning

Project Management for Design Professionals: 10 Tips and Tools

Project managers have helped us manufacture automobiles, build skyscrapers, and develop the technology tools that we use daily. With such strong roots in the build and tech environments, at first glance it doesn’t appear that project management is relevant in the creative world of design, where ideas are developed instead of SUVs and apps. This