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The 5 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps in 2023

Sean Collins Sean Collins Last Updated:

Nobody likes timesheet entry. It’s time-consuming and relies too much on memory.

The solution? Employee time tracking software.

But with nearly 600 time tracking apps, how do you pick the best time tracking software for you and your team?

Time tracking software products available according to G2

Rather than overwhelm you with a list of 600+ employee time tracking apps, here are the best four that millions have used across the globe.

One has had over 1M+ downloads alone! 🤯

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What makes an employee time tracking app the best?

This depends on what you and your team want to get out of it.

Do you need simple employee time tracking software to record your teams billable hours? Are you looking for it to integrate with your favorite project management tool? Or are you looking for a tool to get insights into employee and project profitability?

Here is a list of criteria we think you should look for when choosing what time tracking app is best for your team.

  • UI – nobody likes a clunky tool!
  • Price – does it work with your budget?
  • Ease of use – how easy is it for your team to use?
  • Features – does it have multiple apps your team can use?
  • Integrations – does it integrate with your favorite PM tool?

Let’s dive in!

The best employee time tracking apps

Here’s our top five list.

  1. Toggl Track
  2. Clockify
  3. Harvest
  4. Hubstaff
  5. Replicon

Here’s a quick overview of each one.

AppG2 Rating*ReviewsIntegrations Free plan?
Toggl Track4.61,500+100+Yes

*Data taken directly from G2. Accurate as of October 2022.

Now let’s explore them in detail. 👇

1. Toggl Track

4.6 rating based on 1.5K+ reviews. Over 1M+ downloads. 🤯

Screenshot of Toggl Track homepage

Disclaimer: This is our app. We believe our ratings and the reviews we receive online justify our position on this list. We hope you do, too! 😊

With over 5 million users across 120 countries and 1,500 reviews on G2 alone – It’s easy to see why Toggl Track is considered one of the best employee time tracking apps.

It’s a sleek, intuitive employee time tracking platform that lets your team track time on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

But most importantly, it’s built with the end user in mind. Time tracking becomes a breeze with multiple apps available to you and your team. Including web, desktop, and mobile apps. Plus, it has over 100+ integrations, browser extensions, and native calendar integrations for your favorite project management tools.

Check out our demo video below.

Core time tracking features for teams

Let’s look at the core features of Toggl Track that can help you and your team.

One-click timersTrack time across the web app, desktop app, mobile app, or browser extension – with just a few clicks! All your entries will sync automatically.
Background TrackingAuto-track every application or website you use for more than 10 seconds with our Timeline feature – then turn that data into time entries.
Calendar IntegrationsIntegrate your Outlook or Google Calendar into Toggl Track’s Calendar view and create or start time entries based on calendar events. Available for our web and mobile apps.
Favorite time entriesPin your most frequently-used time entries to the top of your Timer page for easy access. Currently available for the web app, coming soon to other platforms.
100+ App IntegrationsToggl Track’s browser extensions allow you to start the timer directly from online tools like Asana, Todoist, Trello, and more.
Multiple employee appsWeb, desktop, and mobile apps are all built for ease of use.

Head to our features page to learn more.

You may also be interested in the insights you can pull from Toggl Track.

The Insights Dashboard will also give instant access to data such as project and employee profitability, total project earnings, labor cost, and more.

Project insights in Toggl Track

Check out our knowledge base articles below to learn more.

Check out our core use cases below.

Use caseDescription
Employee and resource managementGet the data you need without disrupting your team’s workflow. Track’s flexible time tracking syncs across multiple platforms.
Billing and invoicing Track billable hours for projects and clients as you go. Invoice clients for the exact time you put in.
Project budgetingCreate realistic project estimates based on time tracking data. Manage and track project budgets to maximize profits.
Project reportingFine-tune your pricing, prioritize, and grow your business with profitability projections, earning-per-client data, ROI reports, and other key insights.
Payroll time trackingAssign billable rates to view reliable payroll data linked to every employee and contractor.



Toggl Track offers over 100 integrations with popular project management tools such as Asana, Trello, Jira, and online payment systems like Quickbooks and Zoho Books.

Whether in the office or on a business trip, you could be on the freakin’ moon, and Toggl Track will still track your hours.


Toggl Track can be used as a free time tracking app, or you can unlock premium features on the paid plans.

Starter$9 per month per user
Premium$18 per month per user
EnterpriseContact us for more info.

Time tracking your team will love and use!

Trusted by 70,000 businesses and over 5 million users worldwide.

Try Toggl Track

What buyers like about Toggl Track

  1. “This is essential: everyone has his own schedule and personal workflow and Toggl adapts to it rather than forcing a new approach. You can use the web app, the mobile app, the desktop one, and mails reports are a great tool to keep you updated.” – Alessandro B
  2. “Toggl allows me to learn from past projects and estimate better for future projects. I can learn through metrics and improve time estimates. I love the different views this allows me to understand my agenda and the projects my team spends the most time on.“ – Lorena M.
  3. “Toggl Track’s ease of use makes it an invaluable tool; I’ve used it for professional and personal time tracking. There is a great deal of room for customization and error checking, and the start/stop of the timer is very seamless.” – Lisa O.

Check out more reviews on G2.

2. Clockify

4.5 rating based on 100+ reviews.

Screenshot of Clockify homepage

Clockify is another employee time tracking app that is similar to Toggl Track. They have features that allow you and your team to track productivity, attendance, and billable hours with a simple time tracker and timesheet.

Core time tracking features for teams

One-click timerWhen you start working, tap the play button to start the timer. Or, continue the timer from the previous activity.
Notifications See the running timer and stop/restart it straight from your notification.
ReportsClockify’s time reporting system lets you and your team see where the time goes and export the data.
Request time offTheir attendance tracker lets you track employee time off in just a few clicks.
GPS trackingWhenever your team is on the road or on-site, they can clock in via their mobile app, and you can see their location on the map.

Visit the features page to learn more.


Screenshot of Clockify integrations page

What about integration capabilities; can Clockify connect to your favorite apps?

Yep! Clockify doesn’t have as many integrations as other apps, but it still has over 80 for time tracking, project management, accounting, and payments.


Screenshot of a webpage by Clockify showing their pricing options.

Harvest has five available plans.

Basic$4.99 per user/month
Standard$6.49 per user/month
Pro$9.99 per user/month
Enterprise$14.99 per user/month
Prices are when billed monthly.

Visit their pricing page for more information.

What buyers like about Clockify

  1. “Clockify is great for small businesses or non-profits. The software can be free to use, and it is excellent for keeping our team of 5 accountable. While we do not use this software as our official time-keeping database, it does serve as a trackable way to view hours worked.” – Leah I.
  2. “Clockify is a very helpful app that allows my IT team to not only track the time spent on a project, but also helps our accounts and operations team to track the project profitability and then invoice clients with confidence.” – Vikrant B.
  3. “Clockify is a free tool for tracking your time. It allows me to select clients, different projects, and even tasks that I defined in advance. I can also add details to each tracking time.” – Damla V.

3. Harvest

4.3 rating based on 760+ reviews.


Harvest is another solid time tracking tool for your team. Like Toggl Track, it has been designed to be easy to adopt, integrate with your favorite apps, and be flexible enough for all teams.

It also provides visibility into the critical aspects of your projects—budget, team capacity, and costs—enabling you to keep everything on time and within budget.

Core time tracking features for teams

Here are some of the core features you and your team may enjoy.

Multiple appsMake it easy for your team to capture their time with dedicated apps across devices. Including web, desktop, and mobile.
Custom remindersCreate automated reminders to help your team track time regularly and accurately.
ReportingSee which projects and tasks are consuming your team’s time and impacting costs.
Visualize team capacitySee who’s overworked and under-utilized at a glance with capacity reporting.

Visit their features page for more information. 


Screenshot of a webpage by Harvest showing their available integrations.

Harvest has 50 different app integrations for time tracking, project management, accounting, and payments.

Visit their integrations page for more information. 


Screenshot of a webpage by Harvest showing their pricing options.

Harvest has two available plans.

Pro$12 per month per user

Visit their pricing page for more information.

What buyers like about Harvest

  1. “I used the Harvest application some time ago but I remember well how easy it is to use. I have never had any problems with quickly and easily reporting the time.” – Verified user.
  2. “I like that it has two different views of how you can view your week/log your time; I like to use the daily view since it makes it easier to track my time. Another cool thing is that you can integrate your Google calendar with it and your Jira account which makes logging even faster.” – Fabiola S.
  3. “Harvest is user-friendly for my entire team. With one 30-minute training session, they were up to speed and ready to start using the software to track their time.” – Chelsea G.

4. Hubstaff

4.3 rating based on 400+ reviews.


Its range of tracking and monitoring features makes it one of the best time tracking apps for field services.

Hubstaff’s field service software helps you schedule jobs, track time from mobile apps, and streamline the entire payment process for greater profitability.

Core time tracking features for teams

Let’s look at some of its top features for field services.

Employee hours trackerTrack every minute spent on tasks and learn how long it takes to complete projects.
Automated timesheetsGenerate timesheets automatically based on time entries. See a detailed breakdown of employees’ hours by date, client, and project.
Tracking budgets for projectsTrack project costs and set project budgets based on hours, bill rates or pay rates. Get notifications when you’re close to going over budget.
Employee monitoringSee which apps your employees are using and which websites they’re visiting. You can also take screenshots of your employees’ screens periodically.
Top tips to enlarge those brains Top tip:

Employee surveillance is a waste of time.

Surveillance data is just noise. Random screenshots and location data with no context provide no real insight into how people work. You’re doing it wrong if you spend time poring over employee web surfing data to assess performance.

Toggl Track stands against employee surveillance and micromanagement. Monitoring has never been a feature in our software or culture—and it never will be.

Check out our anti-surveillance statement to learn more.


Screenshot of a webpage by Hubstaff showing their available integrations.

Hubstaff has over 30 different app integrations for time tracking, project management, accounting, and payments.


Screenshot of a webpage by Hubstaff showing their pricing options.

Hubstaff has four available plans.

Desk Free$0
Desk Started$5 per month per user
Desk Pro$8 per month per user
EnterpriseContact for more info

Visit their pricing page for more information.

What buyers like about Hubstaff

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  1. “I find its widget/app the best because you need not sign in every time or do a lot of clicks. Just open the widget, click the start button, and that’s it! It’s easier to track the time you spent in working…” – Fel M. Student Service Representative
  2. “You can track employees’ hours in a detailed way, see random screenshots, and also get clarity on the quality of their work based on their activity.” – Administrator in Real Estate“This tool has helped me to generate effective reports based on its tracking and monitoring feature which has enabled me to analyze the onsite work progress of my team” – Emily F. Director Of Finance And Operations.
  3. “This tool has helped me to generate effective reports based on its tracking and monitoring feature which has enabled me to analyze the onsite work progress of my team” – Emily F. Director Of Finance And Operations.

Check out more reviews on G2.

5. Replicon

4.3 rating based on 600+ reviews. 


Replicon provides end-to-end Time Management software and services to enterprises of all sizes. Capture, analyze, and optimize time, your organization’s most critical asset, to improve profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

You can leverage Replicon’s scalable, agile platform to manage project time across your global business and share it across your ecosystem.

It’s one of the best time tracking tools for enterprise companies.

Core features for enterprise teams

Let’s look at some of its top features for enterprises.

Auto-time trackingAutomatically captures global employees’ time and work data by leveraging AI/ML to create review-ready timesheets.
Analytics dashboardLeverage a unified time tracking platform to collect time data and transform the information into costs, utilization, billing, pay, and other metrics.
Global complianceImplement and adhere to compliance and labor laws irrespective of your geographic location



What about integration capabilities; can Replicon connect to your favorite apps?

Yep! Their integration capabilities make it easy to share Replicon data with your existing business applications, including project management, HR, payroll, accounting, ERP systems & more.

Visit their integrations page for more information.


Project time tracking suitestarts at $12/mo
Time and attendance product suitestarts at $6/mo
Professional services automation suitestarts at $29/mo

Visit their pricing page for more information.

What buyers like about Replicon

  1. “The system is easy to use. You can copy the project codes from the last timesheet period to save time by avoiding the need to re-enter this information. And if there is a different project code that needs to be reported in the current period, it is easy to search for the project code name directly in the field where the project code gets entered.” – Matthew V (CFO)
  2. “Customer service experience is unparalleled, and the features of the software serve all of my corporate timesheet and expense tracking needs.” – Sean G (President)
  3. “very user-friendly, solid support team that is always happy and eager to help and provide advice. Gives solid insights into hours spent vs budgeted and allows project managers to create a rolling forecast. Easy access to project information and budgets spent. Solid options for time off registration. Good features for KPI’s. The tool saves lots of time when dealing with many projects to manage” – Ingrid R (Director Operations)

Check out more reviews on G2.

Ready, set, choose your software!

And there you go; a list of contenders for the crown of the best employee time tracking software.

What do you think? Did any app stand out to you above the rest? If so, fire up that free trial and give it a whirl!

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