Create Your Own Workday [Comic]

We all get distracted at work. But when you work from home, the distractions can sometimes feel overwhelming. Small things you had no interest in before can become enthralling in the face of a deadline. Sometimes it really feels like you’re creating your own productivity experience… 


This comic was created by Safely Endangered comics for the Toggl Team – the people behind the world’s no. 1 time tracking app.

We get it. Working from home can be tough. As a remote team, a lot of us find ourselves in similar situations. The desire for productivity is high but the siren call of Netflix quietly hums in the background. When you’re at home, actually being productive can feel like a challenge.

That’s why we’ve done our best to share some of the tips and tricks that work for us. A major productivity strategy is time tracking. Time tracking isn’t just for people who need to turn in time-sheets to the boss or bill for hours.

It’s a way to make sure you’re making the best out of the time you’ve got. We all want a few more hours in the day. Time tracking is the best non-science fiction way to give yourself a little more time.

Keeping track of your time can even save you money, so why not give it a shot!

I’m Done Work, Got Any More Comics?

I’m glad you asked! If you liked this, you might enjoy some of the other pieces we’ve done in the past. We’ve used dinosaurs to explain the different issues freelancers deal with when working with clients.

We’ve also done a comic about the differences between working from home and working from an office.

We’ll also keep doing these comics, so like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram if you want these delivered directly to you! We also post on LinkedIn if you want to pretend you’re doing work.

If you have any ideas for the next one, or if you think we’re missing something, drop a line where it says “Comments”.

March 15, 2018

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