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10 Colleagues You’ll Meet During Your Work Life [Comic]

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It’s not deja vu. They’re everywhere. No matter where you work, there always seems to be a few familiar characters hanging around.


This comic was created by Elizabeth Pich, half of the talent behind War and Peas.

We all know working with people can range from a complete joy to a nightmare from which you worry you’ll never wake up. Even freelancers and remote workers have to deal with people; can anyone say, clients.

No matter your coworkers’ idiosyncrasies, there are a few steps you can take to make work as pleasant as possible.

The first step is, as it always seems to be, to communicate.

We’ve all heard that communication is essential, but what steps can you actually take to make communication with your colleagues a breeze?

One thing you can do is find out your coworker’s preferred communication tool and use it. Does your coworker take forever to get back to your emails but respond right away in chat? Chances are they’d prefer you slid into their DMs rather than their inbox.

Other ways to make sure your work relationships stay stellar? When mistakes are made, which they always will be, address them right away. Letting things linger will only stoke tensions and resentment. Upfront and honest communication are critical.

I’m taking a break from work. What about more comics?

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Until then – keep on trackin’!

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