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HR Memes – 21 Hand-Picked Memes

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Starting with the COVID outbreak in 2020, the last couple of years weren’t easy on anyone. And just when we hoped for things to go “back to normal”, there is the recession, layoffs, and rising living costs all over the news.

To get some distraction and have a laugh, we collected our favorite memes about HR, recruitment, job applications, and interviews.

2022 HR Memes

1. Little Prince Louis captures the mood of the moment perfectly.

Prince Louis HR meme

2. This also sums it up nicely.

Being a recruiter is easy.. like riding a bike. Except the ground is on fire. The bike is on fire. And everything is on fire because you're in Hell.

3. *Adds “balancing” and “hanging in there” to skills.

HR many barrels meme

4. How planning feels since 2020.

HR planning volleyball meme

5. And check on Support, IT, Finance, Sales, and everyone else.

Roses are red. Coffee's required. Check on HR cause y'all we're so tired.

6. Still more fun than Zoom drinks.

HR company party meme with a dog.

7. The perfect candidate is right there in my 124 open tabs somewhere.

Recruiters whiteboard meme.

8. Tech recruiters’ money don’t jiggle.

Technical recruiters. What your mom thinks you do.

Job application memes

9. Uhh, we hate that. That’s why we built Toggl Hire, basically.

resume and employment history meme

10. Make it short! In fact, better make it a 15-minute screening test.

When a candidate submits a cover letter with the resume.

Job Requirements Memes

11. Bills : Competitive Salary | 1:0

Competitive salary will be competing with the bills. The bills will win.

12. Wear many hats in a fast-paced environment. Major 🚩🚩 alert!

13. Notes: also good in Notion. 

How good are you in PowerPoint? I Excel in it.

14. Every recruiters’ nightmare.

It's a great idea to interview four people before deciding what your real requirements are. Said no recruiter ever.

15. When job requirements list ‘experience’.

When we're looking for someone with 20 years experience in their 20s.

16. Then this happens.

Job description: must have experience. Reason for not hiring: overqualified.

Job interview memes

17. When a recruiter calls for a screening interview and keeps reading job specs that they just sent over.

When you tap a YouTube video to see how much longer it's got left, I wish you could do that to people when they're talking.

18. What’s your favorite interview question?

I've always been passionate about being able to afford food.

19. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

Culture fit interview meme.

20. If only rejection letters were as elaborate as job applications.


POV: recruiters emailing applicants #comedy #recruiters #linkedin #jobs 🎥: @vince.lam

♬ Dear Applicant – Pasha Grozdov

21. Did you know that with Toggl Hire candidates get instant feedback? It’s just one of the reasons why they are happy with their experience.

Interview feedback meme.


Kate is a Digital Marketing Manager. Working remotely for over 10 years, she is curious about new work trends and believes that making recruitment skills-based is a win-win for companies and candidates.

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