15 Ways to Radically Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

While everyone knows teamwork in the workplace is important, the hard part can often be getting everyone to work together. Whether someone runs a Fortune 500 company or a local coffee shop, there are common pitfalls to watch out for. From role uncertainty to unclear team goals, these problems can quickly get in the way


How to Use the Six Thinking Hats Method for Problem Solving

Are difficult problems part of your daily life at the office? If so, stand up and wave your hand because I think we work at the same place! I manage projects at a creative agency, and it seems like every time I log into my email, there’s yet another large problem to deal with. For

Task Management

Prioritizing Tasks: Strategies Every Manager Needs to Know

“Where do I begin?” This is the first thing I ask myself when I reach the office each morning. Not too long ago, it sounded more like a lament. Today, it’s a call to action, and I’m always up for the challenge. Although all projects need defined priorities, the organizing process is easier said than


Team Management Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner

In one fast-paced restaurant, a shift lead could never figure out why he was not promoted to a management position. He had just finished a bachelor’s degree in business management, so he felt like he was ready for the next step. The problem wasn’t with his knowledge, but with his soft skills. This particular manager


The Dark Triad in the Workplace: How to Manage Difficult Personality Types

Let’s be honest, almost every office has that one person the rest of the team doesn’t really get along with. This could be for a plethora of reasons. Maybe they’re just into totally different things. Or maybe it’s worse and the employee is rude and unpleasant to be around. If the latter resides in your


The 10 Best Management Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Walt Disney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” While quotes like this can be motivating to some, they aren’t always enough to kickstart the creative juices required to really get people to work on the tasks at hand. But many business professionals and entrepreneurs have found ways


10 Simple Ways Your Agency Can Make Clients Happier

Do you know the old saying, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time?” Better rethink that if you work at a creative agency, where keeping all of your clients happy is one of the main rules of business. I’ll never forget the first time I got a gift from a client.

Modern Work

Recovering from Burnout: 10 Research-Backed Tips

Ask anyone who knows me: I’m not someone who’s easily intimidated. But one of the few frightening memories I have is my experience with burnout over 10 years ago. We all have episodes where we feel tired and depressed. The boss is demanding too much, the significant other wants to argue all the time, the


5 Reasons Why Your Team is Missing Tight Deadlines (And How to Fix it)

It’s easy to blame employees when they miss a tight deadline. But if this happens all the time, the problem might be the way their deadlines or tasks are structured. Employees can only do their best work if they have a supportive, organized environment to work in. Employers can make it easier for employees to


How to Manage People Who May Be Older Or Wiser Than You

The first time I encountered the term ‘Baby Boss,’ I cringed. I can’t remember the name of the women’s magazine now, but the article was directed at professionals who found themselves reporting to a much-younger new boss. It was well-written, but the tone made me wonder later if the author was the same person who


The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities, Games, and Icebreakers

What are team building activities? Picture your team as a clock. There are many functioning parts within this clock that are required to work together flawlessly in order for the clock to be accurate. Much like a well-oiled and finely tuned clock, your team has to be in-tune with each other in order to get


How to Build Rapport in the Workplace

Meet Lana. She’s a sales representative at a software company that’s headquartered in San Francisco. Most of the time, Lana works remotely from Denver. But, she’s just arrived at the San Francisco office for a week spent working side-by-side with her colleagues. The first co-worker she has a meeting with is Brandon. The two greet