Team Dynamics Matter More Than You Think… Here’s How to Improve Yours

What are team dynamics? Let me answer that question by telling you what happens when yours are poor or even toxic. I once worked in a department that had an outstanding leader, so it functioned well for the most part. But despite his best efforts, there was one woman- let’s call her Rhonda- who made


How to Format a Memo so People Will Read It

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people react with shock when they’re told about an important departmental meeting or a new company policy. “Didn’t you get the memo?” I would ask. Naturally, they said no. But I know that a review of the company email logs would confirm that they did get


The Art of Giving Feedback: 10 Tips for Busy Managers

“Can I give you some feedback?” At one time, I used to absolutely hate that question. Why? Because I worked for a boss who really meant, “Do you have time for me to tell you what you did wrong?” For him, giving feedback meant criticism. When new employees would complain that he never commented on


How to Master Rockefeller Habits to Scale Your Business

Back in 2002, successful businessman Verne Harnish wrote a book he titled “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.” The book highlighted specific practices that a business could follow to strengthen company culture and improve their bottom line. Its main premise is that these changes come through routine choices both leaders and employees make each and every day.


How to Fire Someone Without Feeling Horrible About It

If you’re a manager, sooner or later you’re going to have to fire someone. Guaranteed. While it’s never fun, some experiences are more draining than others. As a manager, I’ve fired employees for no-brainer reasons, like falsifying timesheets and routinely calling in sick when their Facebook profiles showed them at a friend’s afternoon pool party.


30 Group Brainstorming Techniques to Find Your Next Great Idea

What is brainstorming? Simply defined, it is the process of coming up with new ideas or answers to problems. More specifically the concept of brainstorming in a business setting is the exchange of views amongst peers or teammates that are designed to generate creative ideas to improve procedures, fix issues, and increase productivity. While this


15 Ways to Radically Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

While everyone knows teamwork in the workplace is important, the hard part can often be getting everyone to work together. Whether someone runs a Fortune 500 company or a local coffee shop, there are common pitfalls to watch out for. From role uncertainty to unclear team goals, these problems can quickly get in the way


How to Use the Six Thinking Hats Method for Problem Solving

Are difficult problems part of your daily life at the office? If so, stand up and wave your hand because I think we work at the same place! I manage projects at a creative agency, and it seems like every time I log into my email, there’s yet another large problem to deal with. For


Team Management Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner

In one fast-paced restaurant, a shift lead could never figure out why he was not promoted to a management position. He had just finished a bachelor’s degree in business management, so he felt like he was ready for the next step. The problem wasn’t with his knowledge, but with his soft skills. This particular manager


The 10 Best Management Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Walt Disney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” While quotes like this can be motivating to some, they aren’t always enough to kickstart the creative juices required to really get people to work on the tasks at hand. But many business professionals and entrepreneurs have found ways


10 Simple Ways Your Agency Can Make Clients Happier

Do you know the old saying, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time?” Better rethink that if you work at a creative agency, where keeping all of your clients happy is one of the main rules of business. I’ll never forget the first time I got a gift from a client.

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Recovering from Burnout: 10 Research-Backed Tips

Ask anyone who knows me: I’m not someone who’s easily intimidated. But one of the few frightening memories I have is my experience with burnout over 10 years ago. We all have episodes where we feel tired and depressed. The boss is demanding too much, the significant other wants to argue all the time, the