With Hindsight: Toggl Plan’s Quarter 2, 2023
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With Hindsight: Toggl Plan’s Quarter 2, 2023

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It’s time for the Toggl Plan quarterly update — Mobile users, Toggl Plan + Track users, and project planners are in for a treat.

We’ve added new features that help you plan and track your projects more efficiently and productively.

Here’s what’s new in Toggl Plan 🥁

  • Tap to schedule single and multi-day tasks on mobile 📱
  • Allow read-only users (members and guests) to track time⏱️ on tasks 
  • Navigate🖱️ to tasks and projects directly from the time tracking bar
  • Auto-assign tasks to the creator 🤖
  • And more

In this post, you’ll learn about all these improvements. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at some exciting features coming in Q3 of 2023.

Let’s dive in.

Tap to schedule tasks on mobile

Previously, it took many taps to schedule a task on the Toggl Plan mobile app. You had to first create a task. And then, edit the start and end dates from the task card to schedule it on the timeline.

Last quarter, we introduced a new feature where you just had to tap on the timeline to create a single-day task. 

Now, you can also create multi-day tasks. Just long-tap, hold, and drag over the timeline to create a task that spans multiple days.

With this new feature, you can schedule a bunch of tasks quickly and efficiently, even when you’re on the go. 

And, if you need to, you can still edit the start and end dates from the task card. 

Time tracking improvements

Here’s what’s new with our Toggl Track integration:

Time tracking for read-only members

Previously, read-only members and guests could not track time from Toggl Plan. But they still needed to track their time when work was assigned.

Last quarter, we implemented time tracking for read-only members and guests. 

Now, they can track time directly from Toggl Plan like the rest of the team, as long as they have access to the integrated Toggl Track workspace and have added their Toggl Track API token in the integration settings.

Navigate to tasks and projects from the Time Tracking Bar

We introduced the Running Timer in the first quarter of 2023. 

The running timer makes it easy to see the time you have tracked on a task. You can see the running timer in your browser tab’s title as well as, on the Time Tracking Bar at the bottom-right of the Toggl Plan screens.

Navigate back to the task or project you were working on from the running timer bar

Last quarter, we made navigating back to a task or project from the Time Tracking Bar easy. 

Simply click on the task or project name in the Time Tracking Bar to return to whatever you were working on.

Auto-assign tasks to the creator

If you’re a freelancer or working solo on a project, you want to assign most of the tasks to yourself.

Previously, you had to edit each task and assign them to yourself.

Automatically assign new tasks to the creator

Last quarter, we added a workspace-level profile setting to simplify tasks’ self-assignment. When enabled, all new tasks will, by default, be assigned to you.

This is great when planning your next project on a Project timeline or Board, as all created tasks will be automatically scheduled for you.

Quality of life improvements

While you try out the new features above, don’t miss these two usability improvements.

Team settings cleanup

We’ve cleaned up Team timeline settings and menus. This simplifies navigation and getting around Toggl Plan, as Team and Project settings now follow the same logic. 

Improved vertical drag-and-drop for timeline tasks

Some of you like to meticulously organize the tasks on your timeline, putting higher-priority tasks on top. With the improved vertical drag-and-drop features, the priority is now saved across sessions.

Coming soon: two new exciting features

And finally, here’s what we’re working on in this quarter.

Availability overview

With the current Team timeline, you can see a team member’s availability on any given day. 

Availability panel overworked team member

But with this new Availability overview feature, you can see the number of available hours during a week, month, quarter, or any custom period you choose.

This will help you better plan your team’s workload and make better decisions about taking on more work or hiring new people.  

Google Calendar integration

Meetings and other non-project events form a significant chunk of your team’s work plans. To understand your team’s availability accurately, it’s critical to consider the time they spend in meetings.

With the new integration, the meetings and events in Google Calendar are automatically synced to Toggl Plan. 

This gives you an exact overview of your team’s availability.

Both features — Availability overview and Google Calendar integration — are in the works and will be available in Q3 of 2023.

What’s your favorite Toggl Plan update for this quarter?

Let us know by sending us an email at support@plan.toggl.com. Don’t hesitate to include questions, feedback, or anything else on your mind.

And if you haven’t yet, take Toggl Plan for a spin by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

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