What's new in Toggl Hire? • Q4 2022
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What’s new in Toggl Hire? • Q4 2022

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We closed 2022 with a bang. While the focus was on reworking our code to improve platform speed and performance, we managed to release features that help you build and run a leaner, smarter hiring funnel!

You now have real-time status updates on all candidates in your pipeline and a more compact, bird’s-eye-view home dashboard. Better still, with a more accurate answer evaluation system and even more assessment templates, you can screen and shortlist candidates with full confidence.

Let’s dig in! ✨

Monitor progress on all open Jobs with the new dashboard design

The new dashboard design gives you a neat overview of all open assessments at a glance!
The new dashboard design gives you a neat overview of all open assessments at a glance!

You know that feeling of getting under new, clean sheets? That’s exactly the kind of small pleasure feel we aimed for with the updated home dashboard view. Whether you have just one or multiple Jobs open at the same time, you’ll be able to get an instant overview of the candidate pipeline right after logging in. Quickly check in on:

  • Total number of applicants for the Job
  • Total number of candidates at every stage of the pipeline
  • New candidates at every stage of the pipeline

Track candidate status in your hiring pipeline with Progress Bar

Simply hover over the candidate card in your pipeline to see the results of all of the assessments they completed.
Simply hover over the candidate card in your pipeline to see the results of all the assessments they completed.

Skills-based hiring promotes the idea of multiple assessments. But stacking many tests under one Job can be…well, chaotic. No more! The newly added progress bar feature helps you track candidate status in real time:

  • Which assessments has the candidate completed?
  • How did the candidate score in all of the previous assessments?
  • What’s their status in the current pipeline stage?
    • not invited – you have moved the candidate to the next stage but not invited them to the test yet
    • invited – you have invited the candidate to the test
    • out of time – the candidate has run out of time while completing the test and the test was submitted automatically
    • interested – candidate clicked on the link but hasn’t completed the assessment yet
    • in progress – the candidate logged in; the deadline for test submission hasn’t passed yet
    • completed – you can see how the candidate scored on the test
    • rejected – the candidate has been rejected manually

Evaluate open-ended questions more accurately with the 5-point rating system

The answer rating system now follows a 5-point framework.

Sometimes, you need a broader range of evaluation options than just good, bad, or average. So now you have them! With the 5-point answer rating system for open-ended questions, you can go surgically precise on candidate answers and leave no room for doubts.

New skills and Job assessment templates!

Just some of the new skills assessments that were added to the Toggl Hire Test Library in Q4!
Just some of the new skills assessments that were added to the Toggl Hire Test Library in Q4!

We have expanded our Assessment Library to include more skills you wanted! Skills are stand-alone competencies while Job templates are groups of role-specific skills. To review sample questions for every skill, log in to Toggl Hire and head over to the Test Library. For more high-level information on the templates, you can check out our public Test Library.

New Job templates

  • SEO Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • CRO Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Ecommerce Marketing Manager
  • Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager
  • WordPress Administrator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • MongoDB Administrator
  • Attention to details – Visual
  • Spanish

New skills

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Product Marketing
  • Attention to details – Visual
  • Budgeting for Product Management
  • MongoDB
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Spanish language

French and Brazilian Portuguese added to the Candidate App

Hiring remotely? Give your candidates a great experience with customizable user interface languages. We have just added French and Brazilian Portuguese to the list of available languages.

Note: the candidate app language setting changes the UI language, but does not translate the test.

Candidate App supports 15 different languages.

What’s coming up in Q1, 2023

A lot of exciting new launches are coming in Q1 2023! But the most anticipated of all is the release of a new assessment type – homework assignments. To help you assess shortlisted candidates in the later stages of the recruitment process, we will roll out a ‘case study’ type of test for the most in-demand skills. Keep your eyes peeled!

As always, we’d be delighted to hear your feedback or feature requests – reach out via support@hire.toggl.com or contact us via a live in-app chat!

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Juste loves investigating through writing. A copywriter by trade, she spent the last ten years in startups, telling stories and building marketing teams. She works at Toggl Hire and writes about how businesses can recruit really great people.

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