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What’s new in Toggl Track • Q4 2022

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The last quarter of 2022 at Toggl Track was all about features designed to make your workspace look tidier and run better — and to make it easier for you to keep an eye on it all.

You can now archive clients rather than delete them and hide weekends from your reports. We also have a new setting to view total billable hours on your Timer page.

We also released brand new desktop apps for Mac and Windows and added Live Activities and Dynamic Island support for our iOS app. Looks good; works even better. Read on for more.

Archive clients to hide, not delete, them

Archive the client to bring them back later

No more scrolling through every client you’ve worked with for the past three years. Keep past clients out of sight and restore them when you’re working with them again with the archive clients feature.

Read more about archiving clients in our Knowledge Base

Hide weekends in your reports

To show weekends again, just uncheck the box

Remove Saturday and Sunday from all your Toggl Track Summary and Weekly reports, including exports, and from Insights.

Read more about our date picker in our Knowledge Base

Compare total billable hours to total hours tracked on the Timer page

How much your week was spent on billable work? Keep an eye on your billable (vs. non-billable) hours right from the Timer page with a simple checkbox setting.

Rewritten desktop apps for Windows and Mac

Real review from a user: It just works!

Better, faster, stronger — and smoother. Our desktop teams worked hard behind the scenes to rewrite the MacOS and WindowsOS apps from scratch. For a better desktop experience, download the new versions here:

Toggl Track for Mac

Toggl Track for Windows

The old desktop apps will no longer work by the end of January, as we’ll be phasing out support for the old apps by January 31, 2023.

Live Activities and Dynamic Island available for iOS users

iOS users: Never forget about running time entries ever again!

Track iOS users can now see, open, and stop running time entries directly from their Lock Screen. Available for iPhone on iOS 16.1 and above.

iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max users can also view (and stop and open) time entries directly from the Dynamic Island.

Check out Toggl Track for iOS in the App Store

Toggl Track Reports API v3 is out

V2 is on its way out and will be phased out by June 2023, so we recommend switching over as soon as you can. Also, v2 is just better:

  • Insights endpoints are now exposed
  • The Detailed Report endpoint can group similar time entries

Read more about the new Reports API, v3

What’s next?

That depends on you, the user. We take all your feedback and feature requests seriously.

So if you have any questions or suggestions, please go to our support website and message us using the Live Chat bubble in the bottom-right corner.

Some of our paid features may not be visible if you’re not on a Starter or Premium plan. To upgrade to a paid plan, look for Subscription in the left-hand menu of the web app, or read more about our available pricing plans.

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