What’s new in Toggl Track • Q3 2022
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What’s new in Toggl Track • Q3 2022

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We spent the better part of our Q3 on features designed to make it easier to manage your work — especially agency work, with its client budgets and reporting. And by “easier,” we mean less time-consuming.

Enter fixed fee projects, a new set of powerful filters to easily identify out-of-place users, projects, and clients, and numerous subtle improvements that pack a big punch. Read on for the full scoop.

More accurate reports, less work — time audits, billable hour percentages, and better PDFs

Time audits for summary reports

No employee left out when it comes to payroll. No billable hour left out of the invoice. Everyone forgets—that’s why we have audits for our reports, which let you quickly find missing or out-of-place data.

Use the Summary Reports audit to quickly and painlessly find the team members who are missing from the report because they forgot to track their time, or logged or billed too little (or too much). You can also use audit to find projects or clients with the same search criteria.

The audit option in our Detailed Reports lets you find time entries without projects or tasks, or that are weirdly long (or short). The new Summary Reports audit lets you find out-of-place users, projects, and clients. Less work for your project or ops manager; auditing does the heavy lifting.

Time audits can be used on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Improvements to Reports — billable hour percentages, better PDFs

• Immediately see out how much of your work made you money by viewing your billable hours as percentages. You can now see what percentage of your tracked time was billable time from any of your reports — Summary, Detailed, and Weekly.

• The Toggl Track logo at the top of the weekly overview that you get in your inbox (you can subscribe to it from the My Profile page) is now a clickable link.

• The PDF export for your Weekly Report now has a column with days of the week

• The PDF export for your Summary Report now hides billable info from the headers if no billable hours were tracked

Easier project budgeting and management — fixed fee projects, editing projects to recur

Fixed fee projects

Should you raise your project rates? Are you spending too much time on one project or client? Add your total project budget as a fixed fee to your Track projects and compare billable hours worked to the total fixed fee budget from the project dashboard.

This feature is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Edit existing projects to make them recurring

Last quarter we released Recurring Projects, which lets you reset your project time or task estimates  to zero at the end of a designated period. Previously you could only set newly-created projects as recurring. Now you can edit existing projects to set them as recurring.

Better integrations — webhooks UI, integration with Toggl Plan

Webhooks UI

In Q2 we released the Webhooks API to make integrating Toggl Track data into your own dashboard or app of choice even easier. Now we have a brand new shiny UI. You can find the Webhooks tab in your Integrations page on the web app.

Webhooks are free for all — no limits!

Plan and track in sync with an improved Toggl Track + Toggl Plan integration

Some of you may know that the team behind Toggl Track is also behind a nifty, nimble visual planning tool called Toggl Plan. With some major new Q3 improvements to Toggl Plan we’re happy to announce you can now do all of the below with Track and Plan, together.

  • Reduce time spent on data entry by enabling a two-way sync between Toggl Plan and Toggl Track.
    Once enabled, the integration will match existing clients and projects (private and public) in Toggl Track to clients and plans (only public) with the same names in Toggl Plan. Newly created or edited clients and projects/plans will be synced automatically, whether you create them in Toggl Track or Toggl Plan!
  • Compare estimates and actuals by linking your Toggl Plan and Toggl Track workspaces.
    The new Plan Progress Overview view in Toggl Plan allows you to view the total time tracked against total time estimated for your tasks.

What’s next?

Like what you see, but want more? Let us know. Questions, suggestions, compliments, or complaints? Please go to our support website and message us using the Live Chat bubble in the bottom-right corner.

Even if you can’t say anything nice, please say it! We’re here for it all.

Some of our paid features may not be visible if you’re not on a Starter or Premium plan. To upgrade to a paid plan, look for Subscription in the left-hand menu of the web app, or read more about our available pricing plans.

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