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We use Toggl Track every day to track all of our tasks. The desktop version is really simple with a welcoming UI. It’s easy to keep in the corner of your desktop without distracting you.

– User Review from GetApp

Toggl Track Desktop adapts to your workflow

Our timer app for Windows runs in the background, so you can stay focused on getting things done

Snippet of the idle detection feature with Toggl Track desktop app

Idle Detection

Choose what to do with the time you were away from your computer

Enabling desktop notifications helps me reduce procrastination whenever I’m not tracking my time.

– User Review from Capterra

Snippet of the tracking reminder feature with Toggl Track desktop app


Select days and times for the app to remind you to track your time

I love that Toggl Track will give me reminders to track time! It's really helped me stay consistent!

– User Review from GetApp

Track your apps in the background with Toggl Track desktop app


Trigger time entry suggestions based on the software you're currently using

It’s such an easy way to automatically track your time so you aren't fussing with buttons, etc.

– User Review from GetApp

Snippet of the pomodoro timer feature with Toggl Track desktop app

Pomodoro Timer

Set up the pomodoro timer and get a nudge at preset time intervals to take a break. Stretch, meditate, or take the dog for a walk.

Snippet of the timeline feature with Toggl Track desktop app


Timeline gives you a recorded timeline of your day, as seen through desktop computer activity. Toggl Track will record each website or program that you view for more than 10 seconds and present a side-by-side overview of the data alongside your time entries.

Work offline with Toggl Track desktop app

Track Time Offline

Lost your internet connection? No worries. Toggl Track Desktop saves your time entries and syncs them when you come back online!

Track time quickly with just one click with Toggl Track desktop app

One-click Tracking

Start and stop with one click! Your default project will automatically be assigned to your time entry.

Toggl Track desktop app has a mini timer option in Windows

Mini Timer

A super sleek window with just a start/stop button and a field for your time entry. No extras, no fuss, no distractions.

Snippet of the Toggl Track desktop app's dark mode

Dark mode

Give your eyes and your computer battery a break with dark mode

Toggl Track has become embedded in my daily routine. I use it on my Linux laptop, Windows desktop, Chrome browser, and Android phone. And the experience across all of these platforms is very intuitive and in near perfect sync.

– User Review from Mac App Store

Download the Toggl Track desktop app for Windows

Compatible with Windows 7 and up. Need help? Find in-depth tutorials and FAQs for Toggl Track Desktop for Mac in our Knowledge Base.

Also available for Mac and Linux.

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It's easy to get started with Toggl Track's timer app for Windows

Step 1

Step 1

Login to the Toggl Track Windows Timer. Create your Toggl Track account to get started. Haven't downloaded Toggl Track Desktop for Windows yet? Download it here!

Step 2

Step 2

Create your first time entry by entering the name of the activity you are working on

Step 3

Step 3

Assign your time entry to a project by clicking "+ Add Project" under the running time entry. Projects are useful for grouping related time entries. You can also add tags to your time entries. Tags are useful for filtering time entries or grouping similar entries across multiple projects.

Step 4

Step 4

Switch to the Timeline View to get a visual overview of your daily time entries. Edit the entries' start and stop times by dragging them, add additional tags, and add or change the project from within the Timeline.

Toggl Track is not just on your desktop

Toggl Track follows you from your desktop to your phone to your browser. No matter where you start tracking, Toggl Track syncs your data in real time so you don't lose a second

Illustration of mobile apps
Illustration of mobile apps

Full access with the Toggl Track web app

Track time in our web app and review in-depth time reports or leverage project templates, dashboards, and time estimates

Illustration of mobile apps

Track in 100+ apps with the browser plugins

Use Toggl Track’s browser plugins to track from within tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist, and more. Available for Chrome and Firefox

Make time tracking effortless with Toggl Track

Sign up for Toggl Track

All plans come with a free, 30-day trial of Toggl Track Premium—no credit card required. You can choose to upgrade at the end of the trial or continue using Track for free.

Prefer a product demo instead?

Teams of 10+ are eligible for a personalized demo to see how Toggl Track can meet your time tracking goals

Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
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