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Time Management

We're all given the same 24 hours a day, and that's something we can't control. But with skillful time management, you can transform the way you use those hours. Effective time management not only helps you accomplish more, it also helps you feel less stressed while you're doing it. Take control of your time and get on top of your to do list. Learn how in our comprehensive guides to time management below.

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There are over 70 different methods, systems, and approaches to managing your time (believe us, we counted). With so many options, how do you know which will work best for you? Take the time management quiz to find the ideal time management approach for you or your team.

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Time management might seem like common sense, until it isn’t. We’ve got answers to your most frequently asked questions about time management, methods, and approaches in our guide to the essentials.

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The A-Z of Time Management

A guide to the intimidating world of time management broken down into bite-sized, alphabetized pieces

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Time management apps help automate your workflow and streamline your project management.
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Time blocking segments your day into blocks devoted to one task or group of tasks. It helps with focusing and maintaining schedules.
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Scope creep is when a project unexpectedly changes or grows after people have already started working on it.
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The 4 Ds
The 4 Ds of time management stand for Do, Defer, Delegate, and Delete. The 4 Ds can help you make faster decisions, reduce your workload, and save time.
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Eisenhower Matrix
A task prioritization and decision-making system that helps separate important tasks from urgent ones
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Flow state
Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi popularized the concept of flow state, also known as being in the zone.
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Getting Things Done
Getting Things Done (GTD) is based on the belief that you should use your mind to generate ideas, not store them.
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Habits are routine behaviors often performed subconsciously, and healthy habits can often be more effective than willpower.
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Inbox zero
Inbox zero is understood to mean that you should maintain an empty inbox, but it’s actually about limiting time spent on email.
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Jack of all trades
A jack of all trades is a generalist, or someone with a wide range of skills and knowledge.
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Kanban is a visual workflow management process used in a range of industries, from manufacturing to agile software development.
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Lists help you perform better because your brain responds well to ordered tasks to do list can be a powerful productivity tool.
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Multitasking is not good for productivity. Most of the time it just means rapidly shifting focus from one task to another.
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To protect your time, sometimes you have to just say no It’s a crucial skill for anyone with lots of demands on their time.
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Online timers
Online timers can help you track and manage your time, which can help increase productivity and motivation.
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Prioritization means ordering your tasks by importance. It ensures that you’re spending your time on achieving your goals.
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Quitting time
Quitting time is a colloquialism that means the end of the workday. Knowing when to stop working is especially important today.
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Reflection is the act of thinking deeply about something, and self reflection is linked to numerous mental and emotional benefits.
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A schedule is a plan that consists of tasks and times. Most daily or weekly schedules follow a basic schedule template.
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Time tracking
Time tracking is the practice of keeping track of where your time is going, whether you’re flying solo or with a team.
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Useful tips
If an entire time management system or method is not your thing, there are also useful tips that can help.
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Visibility or transparency in the workplace can foster greater trust and greater responsibility.
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Work from home
If you work from home (WFH), you work remotely, or outside of a traditional office setup, and often with more flexible work hours.
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X Out
Successful time management is not just about spending time well, but also about cutting out the time wasters in your life.
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Y time management?
Why not? Good time management does more than save time. It can empower you to make more thoughtful choices and bust stress.
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In Japanese martial arts, zanshin refers to a state of relaxed awareness and concentration—relevant for work and life.

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