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3angleTech Uses Toggl Track to Increase Client Transparency, Bill Accurately, and Build Trust

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3angleTech are software developers specializing in fintech, hotel management systems, educational software, and enterprise software and cloud computing. They work with remote clients around the globe and pride themselves on their approach to the complete product lifecycle—from scoping to post-launch support.


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  • Uses insights from time tracking data to reduce time-wasting activities, increasing productivity and decreasing micromanagement
  • Able to provide clients with visually striking reports for increased transparency and trust
  • Support across multiple devices makes time tracking seamless and thorough
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“At 3angleTech, our objective is to make the most of the time we spend on each project, and to make sure our customers know how they are spending their money,” said Ionut-Cristian Paraschiv, co-founder of 3angleTech.

That simple objective was harder than it sounds. When the team works on projects, they don’t just code, they also communicate with clients, create project roadmaps, and do code review and testing. Sometimes they take breaks. Tracking the real work being done on client projects was challenging, and they weren’t using their time as efficiently as they could be.

When working on complex, lengthy projects with many team members, “the ‘simple’ task of tracking the work done by everyone, and ensuring that the billing accurately reflected the reality of the work done, involved a lot of micromanagement, sterile discussions, unnecessary stress, and human error—which we would prefer to avoid,” Paraschiv said.

The team needed a solution that would help them better understand where their time was going, so that they could accurately budget for time needed at all stages of client projects and bill clients accurately for the work that was done.

"Toggl Track makes billing transparent and helps customers see the costs of the features that they request."

Ionut-Cristian Paraschiv

Founder at 3angleTech


“Toggl Track makes it easy to track our work. From a web browser to mobile apps on our smartphones or tablets, we can see exactly how much time we spend doing real work and how many of our working hours are not optimally used,” Paraschiv said.

The team now uses data tracked in Toggl Track to better organize their work, keep project teams focused, and reduce time-wasting activities, thereby decreasing micromanagement and increasing productivity.

They also include Toggl Track data in their customer billing reports. Sharing visual information from Toggl Track’s reports dashboard about the duration and cost of all project tasks and requested features allows clients to quickly see the cost of their ideas. “They can then refocus on product features that provide the best balance between cost, time invested, and business benefits,” Paraschiv said. “Our customers love the transparency that Toggl Track offers, and including Toggl Track reports with billing increases their trust, because they can see that they are paying only for work done.”

With Toggl Track, managers can now quickly see an overview of their team’s work, billing is accurate, and the team has more time for useful work that delivers value to their customers.

3angleTech's most-used features:

  • Time-syncing across multiple devices

  • Billable Hours

  • Visual report dashboards

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