Alari Aho

Alari is the Father of Toggl and Teamweek. In fact, he used to ask us to address him as such. To his dismay nobody ever did. He's a good guy, though. For an engineer.


Recruiting Developers is Hard: But This Hack Changes the Game

This is a story of how we stopped using job boards, and switched to Hundred5 instead.  


Teamwork vs Individual Work – Which is Better?

Screening Candidates

Improve Hiring Process: We Killed the Resume and Are Never Looking Back

This is a simple story of how we made hiring easy using Hundred5.

Recruitment solutions have not kept pace with the developments in the rest of the modern working culture, and the way companies approach talent search and hiring processes is too inefficient.
We know, because we’ve been there.

Remote Work

Why We Spend 40,000+ a Year on Our Remote Team Meetings

Toggl currently has 37 employees – 11 of them work remotely from other countries. That number is only going to grow in the future, as we’re steadily but surely working towards building a global team.
The main reason we&…


‘Test-First’ Process For Hiring In A Startup

Last year I wrote about a new hiring practice that we were then just starting to experiment with. Now is a good time to reflect on how things have progressed since.
In short, we like this concept more and more. We even gave it a name – the ’Test-First’ process, and have used it to hire 7 new team members this year. That’s quite a bunch, given our team size of 23.
During our last 3 campaigns for developer openings, around 1600 people took the tests, so this system definitely shows some momentum.


Toggl now works inside Asana

We have a nifty Chrome extension called the Toggl Button. It creates a little Toggl button inside your favourite webapp (Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Github and Teamweek supported at the moment), and lets you start the timer without switching a…


Introducing Planner, our new product for team schedule planning

UPDATE: This post is very, very old. But Planner is still alive and well – but it’s now called Teamweek…