Grethel Gahler

Grethel is calm, cool, and collected, three essential qualities for customer support. To stay that way, she likes to swim. (Because of her, we’re installing a pool in our office.) After university in the UK, she worked in tourism before gravitating to software marketing. But, oddly enough, what Grethel loves most are cars, and she says she wouldn’t mind being a taxi driver. Go figure.

Time Management

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team to Track Their Time

In terms of time management, the world has changed quite a bit during the last few years.


The Benefits of Teamwork vs. Working Independently

Last week, I started a tricky conversation with my coworkers. I stated that I prefer to work independently.


5 Tips on How to Set Up Toggl Track in Larger Organizations

Tracking time with Toggl is easy peasy. But getting your whole team on board? Not so much.


New Feature: Bulk Edit For Projects

We have managed to release a new feature: bulk editing for projects!


Workspaces In New Toggl

Hi all Togglers!
This blog post is about workspaces in Toggl, to show you all that is now better 😉
Everything you do in Toggl gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, team, features.. Hence your Pro subscriptions, Settings and Reports are all workspace-specific. In the New version, there are two places to manage workspaces: a general Workspaces page where you can see all the workspaces you belong to, and an administrators-only page where they can change Workspace Settings.
Let’s start with the Workspace Settings page. This is what you´ll see:


11 Tips For Productive Office Meetings

Effective office meetings need structure, order, and flow. Communicate properly before, during, and after meetings to get the most of your time and energy. Engage with your team members at every stage of the process – and ask for feedback on your meeting techniques.
With input from your colleagues and these 11 tips, you’ll be a meeting ninja in no time!

Time Management

10 Quotes That Will Lead You To Successful Time Organizing

How often do you find yourself saying, “In a minute” or “I’ll get to it tomorrow”? Do you feel that you never have enough time? This is a daily struggle for most of us, isn’t it! Maybe those 10 quotes will help you start organizing your time more effectively – at least they made me realize that time is so much more than just minutes, hours or plain calendar days…

1. “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can´t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”
(Harvey MacKay)
2. “Take care in your minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves.”
(Lord Chesterfield)