6 Innovative Recruitment Methods Top Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know

The recruitment market is hyper-competitive. And, given that by 2030 there’ll be an 85 million person talent shortage, top-tier candidates will only become more sought after. If you want to keep up, you’ll need to implement some innovative recruitment methods.  In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on the best-kept innovation secrets in the


Hiring at Scale in The Post-Pandemic Job Market, And Some of Its Challenges

Hiring at scale is exciting. It’s a fantastic feeling to work in a company that’s welcoming new and talented people through its doors week after week. But unfortunately, hiring at scale isn’t all fun and games. When it goes wrong, it can have a fatal impact on your business.  In this article, we’ll show you


Hold On, What The Heck Are Asynchronous Interviews?

Let’s face it, interviews are pretty inconvenient. Whether you’re a recruiter needing to schedule them, or a candidate trying to find time to attend one, interviews always cause frustration. We’d like to introduce you to a better way – asynchronous interviews.  Sounds pretty fancy, right? Well, in this article, we’ll give you the full rundown


Toggl Hire’s Video Intros vs. Traditional One-Way Video Interviews

Here at Toggl Hire, we’ve got some exciting news. Following a number of customer requests and a few months of hard work, we’re launching a new feature – Video Intros. We’re really excited about launching Video Intros, a feature that provides a unique alternative to traditional one-way video interviews.  In this article, we’re going to


What’s a Talent Pipeline and Why Should You Build One?

In the brutal war for top talent, those who succeed are those with a range of weapons in their armory. So, if you’re one of the 72.8% of recruiters struggling to find relevant candidates, we’re about to equip you with a new tool for your belt – a talent pipeline!  Specifically, we’ll look at what


How to Prevent a Bad Hire: 3 Tricks To Reduce Hiring Risk

Put ten recruiters in a room and ask them their worst nightmare. We’d bet a fair few would say it’s making a hire that turns out to be rubbish. Because nothing hurts more than finding out your rockstar candidate was actually a bad hire.  And with nearly three-quarters of companies (74%) falling foul to bad


The Short Guide to Hiring for High-Growth Startups: 2022 Edition

Working at a high-growth startup is rewarding and challenging, with the rapid rate of expansion meaning a constant stream of new employees. If you’re in charge of hiring for high-growth startups, you’ll know these challenges all too well – but don’t worry, we’re here to help!  Welcome to Toggl Hire’s short guide to hiring for


4 Easy Ways to Implement Fair Chance Hiring Practices to Improve Your Talent Pool

As recruiters, you only want to hire the best candidates for a role. Sometimes, that’s hard to do, especially when 67% of job seekers admit to attempting to bend the recruitment rules. At Toggl Hire, we’re passionate about fair chance hiring practices, and by the end of this article, we hope you will be too! 

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We’re rolling out annual plans, plus other changes to our pricing

Here at Toggl Hire, we are excitedly embracing new changes on our subscription plans – billing cycle changes, and fresh out of the oven annual subscription choices. We have been working on making our pricing as competitive as we can while maintaining to offer a ton of value for lower than industry standards. So that


Testing Hard Skills in Candidates: A Guide for Hiring Managers

Hard skills are one of the most difficult things to accurately assess during the hiring process. While a resume gives a good insight into a candidate’s past, it doesn’t objectively test how well they perform in the workplace.  In this article, we’ll be diving deep into hard skills. After we’ve looked at exactly what they


5 Ways Toggl Hire Makes Pre-Employment Testing Simple

Pre-employment testing is hard. While most recruiters agree that vigorous testing is essential for achieving success, getting the right balance of accuracy, relevance, and difficulty within your tests isn’t always straightforward.  If you’ve struggled with pre-employment testing in the past, we’re going to show you how Toggl Hire can fix the common headaches recruiters face.


Answering Your Questions – What is Pre-Employment Skills Testing?

No matter which side of the recruitment process you find yourself on, pre-employment testing is going to be on your radar. Gone are the days of simply handing in a resume as modern-day candidates have to prove they have the skills needed to do the job!  In this article, we’ll help candidates and recruiters understand